Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The World of Reverse Speech in July 2021 AD in the Year of our Lord


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

David John Oates on Rense.com featured the listless Donald Trump. This ex president expressed frustration in the you, the damned sheep, are not following him. There was one reversal which I think it says, Four years of Trump and then the sham of Biden. It appears Donald John was well aware he was only going to be there four years, before the regime was flipped. It would explain the reality of the damned sheep not following to be betrayed again, as Donald Trump abandoned everyone and left Americans to be hunted down.

The other feature was two pedos in Biden, who is talking about Armageddon and hints he has some kind of implanted sim card in how that scatterbrain functions.

The other is the Pater Pope who is perving out on little boys and talking in reversals in who the false prophet really serves in satan.

No hints in the future tense, just those of the past who are passing into history.

Joe Biden

See ourselves honestly - You're not safe Armageddon

No US forces have been lost - Had to mock you

We did not go Afghanistan to nation build - A con led you

Ah Mark, excuse me, I misspoke - Whoops in that sim

NATO allies agreed to end combat mission - Bad mock God.

Donald Trump

Thank you everybody - But they shoot that ghost America

Then dumb and silent led like sheep to the slaughter - I want to get you damn sheep

We want to fund the police - They know we won

Video was removed from Facebook and Youtibe - Four years then the sham

We had a great team - Known, and I'm enough

Best border we ever had - Then I have value

When your hands get tied (government)  - The sex has killed them all

Pedo Pope

To address this joint session of Congress - satan sells

Many of them are retired - satan bad lives with me

I wish a dialogue with all of you - We forgot you

Mention America - Wolf ashamed

Economic crisis - Blood get to know boys name

In you - Bring in scam

You are concerned about your children - Repeat the line in my skull.

Social justice - Eat the holy cum

The global evolution - Evil suck cock

From the heart of American democracy - I rape the other kid

Makes more sense in how the world is ending in all of these end times leaders.