Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Wrench - The Wrench - The Wrench - The Wrench


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is interesting in when you think you have the tool for all occasions, Farmall teaches you that reverse engineering has them requiring a different size tool than you already made.

Many of you lusted after my 90 degree angle wrench in 9/16ths. DC wrote me a long note concerning the beauty and enticing nature of the 90 degree tool and of course I responded by thanking him and explaining how enamored the world is of the 90 degree tool.

In knowing how much DC loved the one, I have posted 4 different sized wrenches I have created by God's hand of Divine Inspiration and necessity. The reason for this is Farmall in 1931 made on an H model an impossible to reach nut on a carburetor, behind the intake manifold, and of course I knew I had it dicked as the Super MTA we have, has the same nut in a hard to reach place, which I welded together the original tool in 90 degrees, and as the H was DOA and needed a carb kit, which DO NOT EVER BUY A GODDAMN CHINESE CARB KIT as they packing is plastic and not graphite and the pieces do not fit and are milled wrong.

Anyway, ready to take the carb off.............I pull out the 90 degree with smiles and it is too large. In 1931 they used 1/2 inch nuts and in the M series on the MTA of 1952 they were using 9/16th which is what was being used on all the gas tractors in the 706 series through the 1960's.

So it was back to using a small vice grip, mangling that impossible to replace nut. It did come off though.

So in knowing there are 70 to 160 dollar wrench sets of different sizes, I decided it was time to not let the pooch get screwed again, and I welded up a 3/8ths.\. 7/16ths and his 1/2 inch to add to the company of the most beloved 9/16ths. I love 9/16ths as that is what most nuts were on things growing up. It is just a great Euclidean size for holding things.

Anyway now I have four wrenches suspended from a hook over the door and am pleased as they will not be lost there and I have wrenchs for things and extras for surprises.

Such beautiful creatures will of course receive four times the fan mail and I of course am prepared for that, but am concerned such beauty will cause lusting again and start World War IV.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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