Wednesday, July 21, 2021

There is no Profit in Peace


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One of the most informative leaders the world has ever experienced, is Kaiser Wilhelm of the German Empire. He shared stunning information from the assassination of Abraham Lincoln to the origins of World War I were set up in London and Paris, and co opted the traitors in American finance to be the arsenal of the war for German Genocide. Germans were the target as they were the competitors to the British globalism as along with the Vatican and Jewish finance have caused most of the problems in the world.

The reality is as the first world war was plotted in the 19th century and took almost 20 years to manifest. The projection is that when the first world war was planned, the second is already known to have been on record that it was known the draconian penalties on Germany would produce another world war.

We know that the Rockefellers helped finance the National Socialists of Germany. In this period of the same feckless Republic which Russia had foisted upon it, and what it produced as the Jewish Marxist overthrow which was designed to enslave people cheaply for the greatest profit structure of the 1%.

All of this is known as fact in pre planned overthrows of nations, so why is it that when it comes to Adolf Hitler he is blamed for the violence and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain is scorned for his peace policies which produced the platform for Nazi Germany to implement their eastern expansion in the necessary lands they required.
The same exact racial identity politic appeared in Japan, and for the most part in Italy in the same period. Racial Identics which were mocked by the educated and those in power. Yes Darwin was the founding idea of this, but for it to produce an axis which the world gathered together against, is not an accident, as there are always strange ideas, but they never form one regime which lasts, yet three appeared for the purposes which by projection were plotted out.

So in examining the historical record of Prime Minister Chamberlains peace, when the British, French and Czechs were mobilized and could have crushed Germany. Yet Germany was handed all it demanded to protect the Germans in the Czech Sudetenland. Those Germans have since been exterminated as the world has said nothing, no more than the Prussians have been genocided, but the fact remains that Germans were succored by the world, in their reoccupying their lands and protecting their peoples on foreign soils.

Neville Chamberlain is therefore not the blame for peace, but the forces behind this which progressed this so Germany was provided another year to bring it's divisions up to full strength in 1938 AD in the year of our Lord for the protection of Germans in Poland, and if one examines the history in 1939 and into 1940, the world was in a world war, which was not fought. Again, Adolf Hitler upon quelling the French, defeated the English army, but then let them escape to Dunkirk, which  was quite humane. After that period, England did nothing but allow Germany to rearm and expand for war, in the necessary thrust against the murderous Marxist Bolsehvik Jewry of the Soviet Union.

All intelligence knew Germany was rearming, and Germany was permitted to re establish itself. The reality is when Germany annexed Austria, it did not have the forces to defend it's west from even a partial French mobilization. The same fact occurred later in the Sudetenland settlement in Germany had no defense. France, England and Russia could have stopped it with minimal force. Germany at that time would have had a fight with Czechoslovakia which was not easy.

So the reality is, the financiers who controlled American, British, French and Soviet politics, did nothing when Germany rearmed. They did nothing when mobilized, and literally provided Germany 4 years when a state of war existed to create an immense military powerful enough to induce Adolf Hitler to march east where the Germans were killed off by attrition. 

Those are the facts in this which have never been explained, nor have they been examined. Until the 1929 stock market crash in America, it was New York finance which was handing money to Germany for a massive expansion which created the collapse of the Weimar Republic.

What followed after this massive financial transfer from the old world to the new, was in the Allied Peace, the mass death of 11 million Germans in America, French, British and Russian concentration camps. A mass rape of German women in the east, impregnated them with mongrel races from the east to rape "German identity" from the Angela Merkel east Germans.

The evidence is this was by design. This second war against Germans for their genocide and subjection was assembled deliberately

This same manifestation is progressing as it always does in the "free west". This is simply forensic psychology. The Germans were allowed to rearm in a war already in process, which then moved for immense profits for those who went to war with Germans.

There was not profit in peace and as the world is now all Adolf Hitler National Socialist, Adolf Hitler was the victor in the end politically, and Neville Chamberlain was a well meaning man who got blamed for something he was being manipulated as all were in being placed in power to bring about this war.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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