Friday, July 9, 2021



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Yes you have heard of CONSEQUENCES, you are now welcome to experience vaxiquences.

What are vaxiquences?

Why they are the rules of your own making.

How does this all work?

See in doing this blog, my life has been in danger from the start. We had Homeland sent out to deal with us in intimidation, while all of you summertime sunshine keyboard commandoes hid under your beds. You have in the 99.9 of you treated me like a whore, you stole from me in being poor, in reading all the information here and not donating. Now though the situation has changed in I have discovered by God's Grace something that is a remedy for this vax in the synthetic prion.

Now I have communicated to those who have supported this blog in what this is and what to do. Others who have supported this blog, will not need this information, because they have been here through it all and have read how to not get that prion, and will be secure. If they need the information, it will be available to them.

The thing is my primary email is being ended in a few weeks, they want money for me to keep it. I'm not paying because you non donors have not paid. This is the interesting part for you in without email you will not be able to communicate with me. Why that matters is, you will not be able to easily contact me to know what the treatment is.

I have been pondering this though in as you left me for dead, you made me beg like a whore a hundred times and you made me wait around, that there may be a way around this for the treatment, based on your rules. Yes Kansas City Rules in how this will work out.
As the honor system has been abused and shattered here by 99.9% of you, the answer is now, that in due process people who have noticed things are going south will have to send their IRS tax return from last year, so that we can ascertain just what their 10% tithe should have been all along. I trust the IRS as they are a wonderful agency doing a very hard job with cheaters like you.
So once we find out as the grim reaper is striking the death clock what 10% is, I have not decided if donations for the past decade will be in order as I have a kind heart and will not expect from 2008 and before...........but it comes to that 10%.

Now the 1 of you in the 99 did come through on leper row in 2020, so once again that person's till is paid up, and of course they are safe in God having followed the blog's protections. The rest of you lepers well you been stealing things out of the check out line for years and you turned a blessing into a curse.

For those of you who think paying me things gives you the right to play Jesus on my dime in saving others. Think again. The world is equal opportunity in bills due. You don't get to plug your tv into the neighbors and have them pay for it, so those who are vaxed can donate that 10% too as the Lame Cherry is a loving and benevolent and forgiving platform. You treat me like a whore, you make things right and this popular poor orphan girl provides the information.

Here is the thing. Do you know how many times I have sat here waiting for you to donate? Long time really, so in Kansas City Rules, here is the thing, just like you were living in luxury and not giving a damn about my suffering as you had access to the meds, had other more pressing things to spend money on than the poor orphan girl working for God, don't expect this cheap whore treatment to have me snapping shit with jiffy replies, as you sat on your ass for a long time. I may get around to it in a week, maybe a month, maybe a year, maybe three years, maybe you will have to plead to God to show you the remedy as you left me to do all the work and exposed me to danger, stole it all and made yourself look Rush Limbaugh genius in what was figured out.
Those are the vaxiquences of life.

Here is how the scales balance in this.

On one hand, you got little me that God talks to and has been proven right. On the other hand you got the FBI hunting you down, Pedo Joe, the forced vaxes, vax camps and that vax in your arms and those prions jetting into your bodies off those Trump and Biden vaxed, just bristling like maggots in all the prions they are shedding to your sweaty poors, and in the middle of the balance is non donating you. Selfish, heartless, scared you without any answers, as your new vax guides are scrambling for answers in they do not know what this thing is.
Now the Lame Cherry has not left you without resort. Remember you stole from me about Ivomec, about Chloroquine, about bleach on things you bring into the house diluted in water, about latex gloves, about spray bottles, and by God's Grace I got you this far and you have been a really unappreciative group in not making the big donations for that.

Now though the wheel has turned and you have entered vax purgatory and no one has the pope prayers to get the 30 pieces of silver to get you out. It is a real bummer to look around and see in the bookkeeping that 'Oh your life is worth 25 dollars in a donation" Yes a pile of money on one side and your life on the other. Sort of like being dead really in that pile of money is not going to do you any good where you are being sent.
Anyway this is not about money, this is about helping people with a treatment.

See I know things from being dosed by my keepers. I know things in being exposed to that prion by my neighor in what it will do and will not do. I know what parts of the anatomy are affected and I know what germ juice is the remedy. Once again, you do not. You do not know.

As I said Dave, Viking, DC, Deb, Skip, Anne and others have been following the rules and will not be exposed as they have good genes, so those are the facts of life. It is a different story though for that 99.9 as I ain't giving it away for free. I have been most Saintly patient with your abuse and the lies of your poverty. The honor system has ended. Time has proven  in those who are good and those who are selfish.

I'm sitting here with high speed internet that is running like dial up. Really unfun in trying to get things done as the tractor is dead and not acting like it wants to be anything more than a lawn ornament.

There is a remedy out there. I would suggest you go ask God for it, go find it yourself as you are genius and make sure you hang onto your 30 pieces of silver to be pried out of your cold dead fingers.

Those are the vaxiquences of life.

These are your rules.

Nuff Said

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