Saturday, August 7, 2021

Forever is tomorrow as today is the eternal past


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I'm going to tell you something, but you will not understand this. That is ok as this is the shroud wrapped in the enigma of the riddle hidden under the shell game. People who know this have protection or are no longer in this world.

Hence what I will say you will not understand.

G. Edward Griffin Explains Communist Control
Of America And How It Will Take Us Down

We have been deluged with the talking points that communists are behind all of this, from election theft to the overthrow of America. We have seen the bungler AOC as the communist who is the offspring of this shadowy red group and while communists keep being defined in this, what appears are funded anarchists in BLM (Negroid) ANTIFA (Caucasoid) funded by Buffett and Soros, and run out of the Obama collective of the Socio Conglomerates.

Everyone knows something, some group is out there, but they are not acting out very Marxist. image Obama has 700 fellow travelers at his Martha Vineyard compound. No communists there, only those who use communism to gain power and remain in power, overthrowing the legal system and criminalizing Americans.

Yet we are told by the Mockingbird that this is communism. Let the Lame Cherry put it this way. If you get shot with an AK 47, it does not mean that a Russian killed you. Just because communist programmes are being initiated against you, does not mean that communists are doing this.

Someone is telling you that communists are behind this. That someone has a purpose in this. There are two systems being set up according to Webster Griffin Tarpley to rule America, communism and socialism.

Communism is named. The accuser is not named. The choice is being promoted to those on the right to be against communism, and to therefore be conduits for the unnamed movement. Either you will be in communism or you will be in the unnamed political governing.

What will emerge is one ruling system, there will not be political parties. The vax zombie toils and spins, but will have one offering for their outlook.

If any minds are still functioning after this, when the shell is lifted, it will be empty.

This chimera appeared a generation ago, was used to complete it's purpose, and the offspring of this was the guiding force to loot or more properly, the concentration and confiscation of wealth, which is evolving to the acquiring of Blut und Boden.

It is evolved though, defined as, Seele und Bonden, the soul and the land.

This is something which was planned before and is now manifesting in the same measures  as old as William with his cloth of the land. This is shrouded in deception by design as it progresses so it's design is not known. It has blamed hosts and hosts gladly accepted it and those who judged the hosts knew their weaving of the cloth was of the same design on both sides.

Forever is tomorrow as yesterday is the eternal past as today is the  sum of the whole.

You are being told something without being informed. It is all I will be able to do. It is in the numbers though and the purpose.

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