Saturday, August 7, 2021

The Last Socks


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I desire to advise you on something which has been overlooked by everyone in this meltdown of the world, and it is the necessity that people simply do not have enough summer and winter socks. This may sound like some satire, but in my experience in the brier patch the one thing I go through most are socks and few things are more of a problem than socks with holes in them or socks that do not behave.

Today at the Thrift I purchased 5 summer socks for 80 cents a piece and 6 winter socks at a quarter a piece as no one thinks of hot socks in the summer nor wants them. I wear out a few pairs of socks a year in both summer and winter, and it bothers me how bad the quality is now out of China. 

If you have worn out or bad socks, you are going to be prone to blisters and sore feet. You can not walk places without fuel or evac if your feet are bleeding. In that, yes you should be finding enough shoes as the reality is most shoes are not going to take you 100 miles. Again, you try getting around with wet feet, sore feet, cold feet, blistered feet because you thought a 1000 dollar gun and ammo was your savior is going to educate you fast just how important having socks is.

Personally, my day is one of I get up and put on slippers. Go out side with slip on boots to keep my feet dry to do chores, go back in with slippers, and then back out with tennis shoes or lace boots to protect my feet if I'm doing something more dangerous and finally the day ends with the shoes off, and the socks coming off and my feet being allowed to relax. The worst thing you can do is come into your home, and leave your socks or shoes on after a long day, as your feet will still be making you uncomfortable, until you wash the day off.

The British were quite obsessed about feet in the military, as that is what carried them, and it is the kind of paranoia each of you should be preparing for now. Sure for the rich, they just go out and buy 15 dollar socks and think nothing of it, but for me I have to scrounge around for dead people's socks. For me I'm blessed in having chosen the brier in I do not have ethnics but White People who are Christian clean in their clothes and I make a habit of buying quality socks at the charity store, because socks are a necessity like air.

I have been engaged in this for sometime. I have enough used tennis shoes, enough work and hunting boots, and enough winter boots to make life a place I can trudge through as my treasure box of socks is replenished. It was hard with a year of bioweapon in not doing the Thrift, but I'm topping things off again. As a sidenote in not having to do with socks, I cherish heavy cotton t shirts and flannel lined jeans. A heavy t shirt is one of the most versatile coats you will ever own and I own piles of them for a 25 cents and I don't give a damn if they have polar bears on them or slogans that say wenches love me.

Just remember that if the electric goes, so does the water, so does your bathing, so your feet will get rough and rough skin wears out socks like sandpaper. You think you have enough socks, but you will find out with your bare chafed feet how unprepared you are.

Perhaps enough rich people are going to vax depart that the world will be full of socks. I can not count on that nor will I. That is the gold at the end of the rainbow, but until that time comes, I will have my box of socks which are cotton, wool and man made mix for durability. I prefer white or grey as colored socks usually retain odors if you have to wear them for long periods of time.

You will never regret having too many socks.

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