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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is almost on schedule that leading anti vaxers are turning up dead, and the CIA Mockingbird is making an issue of it for vaxing everyone, but what the Lame Cherry desires to know is, how is it that we have all been exposed to this biological weapon since December of 2019 AD in the year of our Lord, but leading anti vaxers are not dying until almost 2 years later, just as the demand for pedo vaxing by Anthony Fauci is being progressed, along with every donut come on to get people injected as vaxes are being pulled off the shelf in Japan for "having magnetic things in them.

Anti-mask rally organizer Caleb Wallace dies of COVID in Texas, his pregnant wife says

Marc Bernier, Anti-Vax Florida Radio Host, Dies at 65 From COVID-19

The Lame Cherry is going to harp on something here again and it is what you are not noticing in these two Americans DID NOT DIE FROM THE CORONAVIRUS FROM WUHAN IN THE BIOLOGICAL WEAPON.

That is not what the stories state. I have told you the facts in this that Coronavirus is a virus, COVID is a disease of symptoms, exactly like AIDS is not HIV virus. One is a disease and one is a virus.

Some will say that the virus produces the disease.. The Lame Cherry would remind all of you that Remdesivir for HIV homosexuals and they were dying of AIDS, with many of the same symptoms which COVID exhibits. Remdesivir was killing people with Ebola, same symptoms, until it was pulled for being dangerous. The thing is, is that when Remdesevir was stopped in treatment for homosexuals, AIDS deaths disappeared, as the treatment was what was killing people.

Remdesivir is the prescribed treatment for people with Coronavirus symptoms. It causes organ failure, kidney's no longer vent fluids and lungs fill up with those fluids, people go on ventilators and in most cases those people die, just like the two anti vaxers above being used as propaganda.

The Lame Cherry can provide you with a reality in this, Vax Lepers are shedding synthetic prions which are making people sick. Jeff Rense featured reverse speech pioneerr, David John Oates who is unvaxed. He visited his family and they were all vaxed. Three hours of exposure and he was quite ill when he left from that synthetic prion. He was ill for two days with this.

I have suffered through several exposures to the biological weapon, and it was not pleasant, but I recovered using the supplements which were featured here. If I had gone to the hospital, they would have jammed a Morgellons swab up my nose, and that test is absolutely worthless and that is a proven fact. If I had been treated with Remdesvir, I would have degraded as it suppresses the immune system and causes organ shut down. Then I would have been put on a ventilator and succumbed and been listed as a COVID death, not a death from a biological weapon, but this organ and auto immune disease.

I know there are Vax Lepers shedding on people and making them ill. I know there is a summer cold going around called the Delta Indian variant that produces a headache and running nose. I know from experience that there is a virus that causes an inner ear infection and dizziness. I know there is a diarrhea going on. I also know from one of these Mockingbird stories out of Missouri in another vax denier who got the "virus" and repented, who said in Missouri the emergency room staff did not have tie to clean up the vomit, before a red alert sounded and they had to deal with someone who was dying.

See the propaganda is so lame and you children and brats are so overloaded you have shit for brains, and it never occurs to you that Coronavirus is a repository virus. Not anywhere in this was vomiting a part of this biological weapon nor was it a symptom of COVID. So Missouri has a stomach flu going around which is apparently making Missouri people sick, and Coronavirus or COVID is being blamed.

So the flu is around this summer, there is an ear infection and a stomach flu and we do not know if these ReVaxNiks contracted this, and some kickback physicians are prescribing Anthony Fauci's Remdesvir and they are being pharmacided by the treatment and listed as COVID as the federal government pays more to hospitals listing deaths as COVID.

There are so many lies and deception now in media that nothing can be trusted. Remdesvir is killing people that is a fact and it is blamed on COVID and that is a fact. Shedding is making people sick that is a fact. It is also a fact that COVID is not an era infection nor the stomach flu no matter than Coronavirus and yet the media reported puking was this virus or disease and that is a lie. 

Then again if law enforcement had 3 prominent people die, of all the same thing, and it was known that a drug was causing the same symptoms and death, law enforcement in any other case would be opening investigations to see if someone was infecting people with something as liberals were want to post about such things, and ascertaining what these people really died from.

But then Donald Trump was deliberately exposed 3 times in assassination attempts and no one ever investigated any of those murder attempts, even when Chris Wallace accused Trump of spreading the virus before Trump was sick.

The propaganda does not match the reality. None of these people are dying from the Coronavirus. The stories tell you that all the time. The COVID disease is not the Coronavirus.

Bernier was first hospitalized with COVID on August 7, after being off the air and home sick for the week leading up to his admittance, but it was unclear how severe his symptoms were at the time. “I don’t have an update on him at this point, other than he has been hospitalized,” Mark McKinney, the station’s operations director, told the Daytona Beach News Journal at the time. 

On Wednesday, Jessica Wallace posted a “heartbreaking update” to her Facebook.

“It’s not looking in our favor, his lungs are stiff due to the fibrosis. They called and said they’ve run out of options for him and asked if I would consent to a do not resuscitate. And it would be up to us when to stop treatments,” she wrote.

For those who need more connections in these two biological weapons, read the link below and discover that AIDS and COVID develop the same lung condition.

AIDS. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2019 Jan 28. ... scarring of the interface (interstitial lung disease or fibrosis), or pulmonary vascular ...

The public was lied to on AIDS and is being lied to on COVID again, all for a political agenda. None of us is getting the answers, but we are all being fed bad propaganda.

No one is asking if the ReVaxNiks were murdered like many others by Pharmacide, well no one but the fringe media which is not being led around by the most ludicrous propaganda which is making the Nazi and Soviet stories look believable.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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