Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The Only Living Boy in New York


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Governor Andrew Cuomo was one powerful, mean, sadistic bastard, but the Lame Cherry takes no  delight in the end of this powerful titan. He was brutal and the only way someone this powerful and connected is the same group which stole the 2020 elections for Joe Biden.

He seemed to have survived the coup against him, following orders diligently in spreading the virus and killing of geezer Trump supporters. Then it all went to the operational phase in bringing him down, and democrats brought down Mario Cuomo's little boy, not the right wing. Let no one gloss over this in democrats brought down Andrew Cuomo.

Sexual Super Predator NY Gov. Cuomo
Resigns Amid Sexual Assault Scandal

The reason for this is what the Lame Cherry stated to watch. This is all about Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. This is about who will occupy the Vice Presidency and the Presidency. Pedo Joe does not want Obama's Kamala Harris, nor does Biden want Governer Whitmer of Michigan or Governor Stick You Dick into Donald jr/s girlfriend.

It is not Biden, it is the 1%. They have already decided who will occupy the White House and it will be done.

This is the time line compression from May. With Cuomo brutally taken out, the focus is now upon Kamala Harris as the sands of the hour glass are set. This can not be prolonged. Biden has done his work in sabotaging Harris, so the time can not be lapsed for some kind of political resurrection of Cuomo or Harris.

This indicates the 1% are moving hard for the casting of the dice. Andrew Cuomo should not feel bad over this, as Adolf Hitler got the same treatment to fulfill a political end. I'm really wondering when the 1% will strike to put their people into the slot for the next time line which is moving.

Andrew Cuomo, the only living boy in New York.

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