Sunday, September 12, 2021

A Bellwether


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a bellwether.


My cousin and her husband have been vaxed.

Her mother and sister have been vaxed.

The reason for the importance of this is they have a son, a most healthy 8 year old.

He is not so healhty in he has pneumonia. 

The treatment is steroids. He is responding.

He attends public school. He spends afterschool with his Grandmother at an assisted living complex with other vaxed residents.

Healthy little boys do not get pneumonia. This is natures remedy for the sick and the elderly when their life's energy has terminated.

Projection of this is that vax exposure to prions of limited amounts is not overwhelming.After approximately 3 weeks to home, public and private exposure in elderly concentrations produced a near lethal exposure to the synthetic prions. 

The rate of exposure does have accumulated effect on the human body.

Factor in Two parents, an aunt, grandparents at their home and effects can be dealt with. Add bus driver, teachers, random exposure in the Vax Leper public in food, toys, objects, and compound this with numbers of vaxed old people in a concentrated location, with their vaxed relatives and vaxed public officials caring for those elderly, and a little boy get prion overloaded, which inflames his lungs and kidneys, and the little boys lungs in response fill up with fluid.

Twice this child was tested with the worthless swab tests which find nothing, but he was not sick, in a summer cold which does not exist, and without steroids to reduce the synthetic prion damage, the statistics are he would have been COVID with Remdesivir in the Biden state hospitals, and another Fauci statistic.

This is not for Vax Lepers. This is for the shed upon, for the ReVaxNiks. The vaxed carry a load which sheds. There is factored in a threshold that vaxed seem to not to be able to overload each other. Only so many weeds in the garden. There is an accumulated affect, a threshold which must not be absorbed.

This is a bellwether.

Pay attention to it.

Nuff Said