Monday, September 13, 2021

Not Addressing This Again


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Dearest Sisters,

  So are selenium, pterostilbene, vit D, B12, etc. still substances to
nullify the shedding?

Nothing nullifies shedding or the synthetic prion in the vaxed. Those shed upon are affected, as in severe allergies, but the body with a healthy immune system they will recover. The Vax prion is not the Coronavirus Wuhan spike protein, and neither are COVID.


 How the hell am I supposed to handle it when it comes to burying My

The same way you would handle it the way my parents did in burying my dead sister from a drunk driver she got into the car with. The same way all parents do when their child dies. The same way you did in burying your mother, the same way I did in burying my parents all of whom died before me.

The Christian has one Mandate from Christ. You ARE NOT God. Your focus is on disciplining yourself in the Law to receive the benefits of Grace in the Gospel in Faith in Jesus the Christ our Lord.

Love does not make one responsible for others choices. Every person is responsible for their choices, whether we regret them or not.

Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God. ... Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go ...

 Or my brother, sister, and Uncle Bob for that matter? 

Last time I checked, people with money can arrange before they die for the funeral home to take care of everything. If enough people die, then the state will dig a pit and cover the corpses with lime and deal with it. If people have no means, the county cremates, and puts them into a hole in the ground, same as people with money. People are responsible for their choices. You are not responsible for what other people do.

And now
they want to stick my son as a requirement for employment, which he has
suffered through for the last six months, the alleviation of which has
been excruciating.

Again, people are adults, they make their choices. If the job is their choice then the vax is their choice. If their life is their choice, then they find a new job, find a way to relocate to a small job and area where people will not pay attention to mandates.

GOP Governors are providing again time to prepare. PREPARE is the word. If people were not preparing, they made a choice. For those who desire to tie themselves to other bad choices, that again is your choice.

Do you really want to be tied to people, who chose to be vaxed so they could go to the mall Do you want to be tied to people who did not research this or care to? Do you want to tie yourself to people who chose vax suicide? You are making decisions in Lot's wife in keeping on looking over your shoulder at Sodom. The world we are lived through is gone. It is never coming back until all things of Prophecy are complete.

This whole deal is REALLY getting to me.

This whole deal is getting to you, because you have not dealt with it. You have been provided a math problem which you want VAX + HUMAN = LIFE. You will not accept the reality and keep wanting a different answer than what the reality is showing in vax evidence and logical projections.

The Viking

There are rules in this. You are not Jesus. You are a creation of Christ. You do not save. You have the same free will as everyone vaxed or unvaxed, to choose to enjoy an illusion of freedom while those who choose to remain unvaxed have chosen to deal with the consequences.

Stop trying to change the rules and supplant God. Accept His Will, the choices of others, and mind your own discipline to remain in Grace, as that is the duty of the Christian.

People who keep making spectacles of themselves, if this Kristi Noem theater does not define the line in the sand, are going to be well known, and every person you are lamenting over are not going to lift a finger to save you, as they do not want the problems you bring along.

If I were a Viking and my intent was to survive, I would ask my siblings if they cared if did some retirement fishing at their cabin off and on. You do not tell them this is your escape hatch or what your plans are. Gain access, put your gear, chow etc... into some food grade plastic barrels in the garage, so all you have to do is haul yourself there to disappear for awhile.