Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Reversals for the End of Australia


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Biden's speech is like he is drunk. He appears to be drugged.

Joe Biden

Frustrated with 80 million Americans - Idiot you learn with the widow

Vaccine requirements - Going to share the mark with us

Our patience is wearing thin - So the law talks

For most Americans - Fuck this death could assault

Parent of a young child the vaccine available - Evil now you know it

Head Start must be vaccinated - My wolf death they hold off on it

Show some respect - You muss wash 

We turned - Fuck you're demonic

Australian PM

Puta us in a strong position - This is stupid

Doses administered - You see the pun I serve you

Vaccines going into arms - And this is neat

The General doing a fantastic job - Get the heathen

The polling -See the frank hit on you

What we have done -Slammed it on the web

We have this chatter - We fund this mess

I hope you don't criticize me - Ask the boss this human  (The boss is satan)

Australian Premier

Their first dose - The shit I do speak it

Come forth and get vaccinated for freedom -  We''l get them

The vaccinations - I did a curse

Going all over the state - Woe the public

The Lame Cherry has one observation on why Australia is being vaxed to genocide. China has been promised Australia for colonization after it is depeopled. More in the Lame Cherry than in David John Oates reversals