Thursday, September 2, 2021

The Vax Scab

2 Top FDA Vaccine Officials Resign, Raising
Questions About Pressure From White House
To Approve Boosters

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Jeff Rense has really done a wonderful job again in providing information so that people can make informed decisions about this vax. The following links are from his site. When they are in black on this page, it is because that is where they are copied from as that is what his webmaster sets up the links as, and while I could change them, the point is, this is  their work, so I do not change it.

The above young woman pictured, is at a specialists office and the normal doctors have no idea why she has broken out with the Pfizer vax in broken blood vessels all over her body.

The ones in her mouth are perfect blood blisters.

The reason for this disturbing visual post is David John Oates in reversals out of Australia, had found references to scabs and sores. The question is now, is this what the puppet leaders were warned of and did not inform the public that this would begin manifesting?

I know reverse speech is correct. I know that the leaders in Oz were told things that Anthony Fauci does not care about in cashing his portfolio checks, and something in scabs and sores was known and this woman has manifested something disturbing in scabs and sores.

As Mr. Rense mentioned, she probably has them internally too. Are these carcinomas or cancers, or are they vessel ruptures alone due to the synthetic prion?  We are all going to find out sooner than later what these scabs and sores are, if this woman is not experiencing what was known would manifest. It they are worse than this, this is most unpleasant, and if this is the coming reality, then this is one more major milestone of knowledge which will have to be figured out as we are 100 steps behind the 1% in this as they knew what all these serums would cause in harm, and they were still administered to artificially evolve humans.

Nuff Said

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