Friday, February 26, 2010

Cute Barack Obama

I was listening to the NeoProg Obamalings on Charlie Rose from Joseph Califano, Mark Halprin, Donna Schwhatever and their policy is absolutely insane when it comes to health care.

They view this all as a must do for Obama for political reasons. There is nothing in it about what is right for America or what is in the bill. It is simply all about what Democrats need to do politically.

This gets worse in Califano's main thrust was to just pass Obamacrypt and THEN WORRY ABOUT PAYING FOR IT LATER.

Who in their right mind goes out and buys a car, a home or whatever, and then says, "Well, we will worry about it later in how to pay for it?"

This is the same Barney Frank BS which set up the housing bust as illegals and house flippers were buying houses for nothing in the same scam the cartels set up which started the 1929 crash.
Yet this is what is the basis for Obamacare, pass a multi trillion dollar rape of the American economy and then just like Medicare worry or steal from Americans more money in inflated medical graft in how to pay for it.

Califano actually was bragging about Medicare in how great it was, and yet history shows this is a massive cost raising program which is imploding into rationed death under Barack Obama.
This is what Obama is going to stick 40 million Mexicans on and millions more uninsured Americans, while cutting the budget for it, 500 billion dollars.

The scenes of elderly people soaked in a months worth of excrement, babies born in filthy hospital corridors are going to be what America is, a ripening disease breeding factory where sick people go to catch a plague to die quicker.

These folks of Obama and hisself are all insane. American health services are horrid for those not in the system, but at least the system is there and clean for the time they do get wheeled in. Obama is going to bankrupt the system even further with his economic irresponsibility and these Califano types are literal criminals against humanity who should be arrested like Mengele Nazi butchers for advocating that being responsible in knowing how this is all going to be paid for is what is done first, and not pass the things and destroy the system to worry about it later.

I firmly believe that to save America, there must be some Federal Tribunal set up as has been set up to deal with terrorists in getting warrants and indictments on them.
A super judiciary utilizing a Citizens Grand Jury must be enacted to indict this mob of crooks.

Look, Obama is not going to pass this draconian bill, they will screw around with this for weeks, and when it fails, he will find some other murderous bill to pass, with the grand finale will mean no jobs creation structure, no defense against terrorists, but Obama will have a bigger slash and burn on American health, all couched in Mexican illegals being given the vote to provide Democrats with the trump card they need to retain control of Congress in 2010.

This is all treachery against America and it is past time the benefit of the doubt be given to any of these NeoProgs. They are enemies of these United States in action, deed and policy.

Pass a multi trillion dollar debt and then worry about paying for it 5 years from now. That is pure criminal.