Friday, February 26, 2010

Obama's 2010 and 2012 Plans

I am addressing this again as it has not soaked through the minds of people to filter to the talk radio and bloggers what was exclusively broken on this blog.

I hear nothing but perplexed pundits across the nation like Sean Hannity questioning why the Democrats, these New Progressive communists all seem to be on a suicide mission. I would like to explain again as the answer is simple, in they are not on a suicide mission, but have a Nazi type bulge as in World War II to blitz and win with for November 2010.

Obama's czars have explained what is the strategy in they are going to pass Obama's rationed death, but by late summer, they are going to with union help legalize all Mexicans, South Americans, Russians, Chinese and whatever in 40 million voters to flood the November elections.

Mr. Obama fully intends to negate American voters in a brilliant strategy. The NeoProgs will neutralize the right, neutralize Independents and neutralize Reagan Democrats with illegals.
In my study, these tan Obamacrats from Chicago who were slum lords of black people there, intend to replace black voters in their minority voting block of around 13 million which are earning more in voting Republican and are a cost to the welfare system, with these 40 million, literal Mexican slaves.

I do not use the word slave lightly, because Mr.Obama fully intends to enslave these illegals in robber baron serfs as they are now, but once they get a Social Security number, he will tie them to his massive debt and make them pay for all of this.
I am stunned that Mexicans are not furious over this, but their comrade leaders are leading them into the camps. I fully believe that once Mexicans figure out they are in a trap, that Democrats will pass a bill that even if they flee back to Mexico, their wages will be garnished in America.
This is the most repulsive legalized enslavement against the Constitution and it is all part of an Obama stated plan in bringing in those Mexicans to trump the Tea Party movement.

I would term this as sinister and illegal. It is though why all of these NeoProgs are busy voting for Obama's national socialism, because their trump card to defeat Americans are illegals. The Democrats will keep a working majority under this Obama plan in 2010, and when this is built to fruition in 2012, he will have a landslide majority.
I fully believe that is why ACORN is being left to close it's doors as Obama has abandoned the black vote and is channeling money into union crony vote systems to directly mass vote Mexicans in the way Democrats mass vote the Indian reservation vote, which is burgeoning now with Mexicans moving onto federal reservations.

In this, this is why someone like Byron Dorgan is not running for re election, because North Dakota, Bayh in Indiana and Dodd in Connecticut do not have Mexican populations in mass to steal the 2010 elections.
Sen. Dorgan is the cleverest of all in lining his pockets with John McCain now hedging his bets in attempting to FDA regulate vitamins and spices, which will give industry control over food products and plush jobs for Mr. Dorgan and Mr. McCain to settle into as Tom Daschle type lobbyists.

This is what is behind all of this Democrat suicide voting. It is not suicide at all, but a well thought out and literally treasonous plan against these United States.

I hope people will comprehend this as once black voters, Democrats and Obamalings figure out they are about to be replaced by Mr. Obama with illegals, it should provide the movement to the right to actually save America, and hopefully a platform that when a Conservative majority inhabits Congress enough pressure will be brought to indict numbers of these usurpers and seditionists.

May God bless His America, before she is no more.