Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Making it Big

Success has it's flattery in the Rush Limbaugh of success brought about myriads of mimics all wanting that same fame and money train.........

Bill O'Reilly, Al Franken, Ed Schultz, Sean Hannity to name just a few folks who saw the falling star and put it in their pocket.

It is that way with Ulsterman, who with his White House Insider series is driving the lunatic left to Obama heights of hysteria. I have no connection with Mr. U, but I do know the things he is being called out on mirror to close to my Source, so I presume the something rotten in Obamamark stinks because it is stinky.

In reviewing Ulsterman's work, I immediately pegged his source as Deep Tutu in Rahm Emanuel. Ulsterman's current series of posts are too first person in using RAHM in first person, to equate anyone else but Emanuel.
When there are two people in conversations and one is Rahm and the other Obama, you can pretty well deduct it is not Bearick or his derrick doing the talking, but Deep Tutu, himself.

Here is one quote:

Early in the debate, Emanuel was appalled to hear the president explain to him how “Our friends in the media…uh, you know, they got this thing covered. We’ve all wanted this for, uh, a very…we’ve been working at this, for a very long time and now the news, uh, the media is gonna push this to the finish line for us. We’ll win the argument.”

That points to someone who heard a conversation going on between two people, and you decide which person it was.

I actually like Rahm Emanuel, but before people think I have gone commie, my like is for him as an American. That though is balanced with extreme sadness that Mr. Emanuel has thought this is all a political game in which winning is all, and he has all the answers.
The things he has been accomplishing with the Clintons and Obama are the things which will destroy America completely. If Mr. Emanuel was working for America, instead of self interests, he would be a marvel. The problem is everything he does plays right into the hands of the Eurasians, and the very people who are God's America, are the people he mocks.

I have been watching Emanuel in his Chicago installment where laws do not matter, and they literally changed the laws of Illinois by the Supreme Court to state a person can reside apparently in Oklahoma, but if they once thought about taking a sh*t in Chicago, that makes them a citizen of Illinois and they can run for any office.
Think of it as the foundation of Obama being foreign, illegal Hawaiian, but Democrat Illinois thinks it is just all pineapples.

There has been a great deal of bribery and blackmail in the Obama White House. The Clintons, Emanuel and the Daley boys have been the greatest extortionists in Val-erie Jarrett writing out the checks for political power.
Did Bill Clinton with Bart Sestak set up the major scandal for Obama to extort from him? You bet they did and Emanuel was in on it as they made their haul.

The problem is you notice that Darrell Issa got his share too as no hearings are coming out on the Sestak bribes, nor any other crimes. In short, Darrell Issa is working with the Clintons against the Obama middle, and Jarrett is paying off the bribes to keep all of this from impeaching Obama and federal warrants for his arrest.

I have told you that the big names are behind Obama out of Europe. They committed this fraud on America. The Chicago syndicate knows all of the Obama crimes and were sent in by the Clintons to keep this Obama cow milking for all it is worth to them in power. That is what this is all about. That is what Abercrombie in Hawaii was all about. It was about the Clinton wing of the Democratic party after Obama cut them off at the knees and cementing their torso to weight dumping them into the ocean........that Jimmy Hoffa Clinton is speaking from the dead in blackmail.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, are protecting themselves. I do not know if Hillary is moving to be President or if she has been humiliated enough by the Rothschilds playing her like a bird on a wire.
I do know that the Clintons are stationing their own counter community organized event, and one of the heir's apparent is Rahm Emanuel........as in President Rahm Emanuel.
For the record, the discussions in this are simple and pure, if the election scenario on the east coast can be bought, Chelsea Clinton will be a political child and be Vice President to Emanuel.

Bill might not be able to get Hillary in his old chair like Joe Kennedy couldn't get his but into the White House, but the offspring might just get their chance, and that is what is taking place in the high profile cases.
Rahm Emanuel and the Daley boys are the criminal gatekeepers for Obama. That means they will be owed a favour by the Rothschilds in keeping all this under wraps while Obama dumps trillions into Europe and into coups in the Middle East for the central Europeans.

Emanuel being President, after Mayor, after Senator Emanuel, with Chelsea by his side, is the legacy of protection the Clintons seek..........it is not just Karl Rove who has Jeb Bush plans a decade out. It is the Bush's friends the Clinton's too.

Once again these are exclusives to this blog in explaining what you are witnessing. I don't blame the Clintons or Emanuel for their shortsighted politics as without God's Holy Ghost they are just witless folk, but there are going to be world war repercussions to all of this, and that there is blame for on all of these people who voted for Obama and kept him in power, thinking they could manage this cancer and America would survive it.

The spiral implosion is set. It picks up speed and the force of it will not be a black hole sucking in all life, but a centrifugal force throwing out the body parts as a plague on all mankind.

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