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The mass assassination of Gen. George Armstrong Custer

I honestly do not know the exact date in the 100th birthday of America when the cartel of the Indian Ring and the Grant regime decided to murder George Armstrong Custer, but I do know that it was in the period after he left Washington, DC in giving testimony to Congress on the corruption of the Grant regime involved with the profiteers arming the terrorist Indians of the Northern Great Plains, and the period when the 7th Cavalry left Fort Abraham Lincoln in now what is North Dakota.

Perhaps I should make the caveat for intellectual thieves, this is another Lame Cherry exclusive.

The date though can be narrowed in that period when the General was returning to Fort Lincoln in the Missouri theater of operations and was recalled, removed from command, in retaliation, and was sitting in the Chicago and Minneapolis quagmire between his Generals of Phil Sheridan and Alfred Terry and the weeks before the expedition left North Dakota.

Gen. Custer had to plead to lead his own troopers on this campaign as Grant in vindictiveness had removed him from command. After a great deal of leveraging from Phil Sheridan and Alfred Terry to Gen. Sherman, the orders were given that Gen. Custer could accompany the expedition at the head of the 7th, but not commanding the expedition.
Thee absolute best and most accomplished guerrilla war fighter and scout America ever produced, and the Grant regime was going to hold him out of battle to humiliate him, the way Custer's honest testimony had humiliated President Grant and exposed the criminal corruption of the Indian Ring cartel.
The same Ring whose fortune built the American branch of the global cartel which is destroying America today under Barack Hussein Obama.

Gen. Custer planned this operation and it was brilliant. He had intelligence from suttlers across the region in knowing how well armed these terrorists would be.

What must be considered though in the time line is after the Grant regime and the Indian Ring relented to allow the General to lead the 7th, there had to be absolute "time" for the murderous renegade terrorists living in the state of Minnesota to be enticed with bribes to travel west to the Little Big Horn, and rendezvous there with the western Sioux and Cheyenne in what is Montana.

This must be understood in an exclusive here. Those Sioux of the Minnesota Uprising who were pardoned, just did not decide to travel hundreds of miles on foot and horseback, but were enticed to make that trip.
If one wants to find the real murderers of the 7th Cavalry, that is where they came from in the state of Minnesota.

Gen. Custer and his guides were baffled at the intelligence they started finding on the Rosebud. There were hundreds if not thousands of these wikiups, which are small willow branches stuck in the ground and a blanket is draped over them in a small tipi.
They thought it was shelters for dogs, but in reality it was these Minnesota Sioux on the move to join Sitting Bull.
These Minnesota Indians were not wealthy, and yet they had arms, ammunition and the most important item of food. Those provisions had to come from the Indian Ring in Minnesota in a quid pro quo. The suttlers there as well as the Indian agents would have noticed this kind of Indian supply and movement of a thousand Indians disappearing, and yet no mention or warning was issued to the Terry headquarters.
That kind of cover up now over a century old, exposes a government cartel operation coordinated out of Washington, DC.

When I started writing of this years ago, I came across something which just stunned me. It was Gen. Crook's being found by the scouts of Gen. Terry after the Custer massacre.
Terry knew exactly where Crook was at, as Crook had taken a vacation in the middle of a war operation he was supposed to be engaged in, in the Big Horn Mountains.

This was not telephone era, and the telegraphs did not arrive until much later, but yet Gen. Crook who met Crazy Horse south of the Little Big Horn and was stalemated, returned to camp and then went on a hunt in the Big Horns.
Terry could not have known where Crook was as no scouts had been employed with dispatches, and yet Terry knew where Crook was, when Crook was supposed to according to orders to rendezvous with Custer at the Little Big Horn for battle.

That exposes the fact that Gen. Terry and Gen. Crook had changed orders before the battle of Little Big Horn and not informed Gen. Custer he would have any support which he knew was coming.

In that, Gen. Crook spoke of knowing the massacre took place because the "Indians in camp knew" in a jungle telegraph he stated.
The reality is that everyone knew there was a major operation being deployed in June 1876 and key criminals from inside the government and agents in the cartels were feeding information to the Sioux and assisting in their reinforcements.

I always think of the line slipped in by Mockingbird in the Jimmy Stewart movie Winchester 73 in who the Sioux had learned battle tactics.
Review though the battle tactics after the Little Big Horn in the following Powder River Campaign, and suddenly the Indians went "stupid again" in not being able to run a campaign like the Little Big Horn.
The explanation is the Sioux were coached by the regime in the known military attack Gen. Custer would engage in and that is why the Indians knew in their elite terrorists to target the General first and then to mass around only where the Custer command was.

The fact is Maj. Reno fled in retreat as the Gen. tried to save him. Capt. Benteen disobeyed orders to reinforce Custer. The two conspired to abandon Custer and his command and literally left that command to be slowly slaughtered for a number of hours as the troopers they were in command of heard the mass volley shots of Custer twice which signalled distress and to come quickly.

For the reality, the Sioux with inside information, being reinforced by the regime to murder Gen. Custer, being coached directly by Grant's military agents, having Crook abandon Custer, having Reno and Benteen abandon Custer depriving him 2/3rds of his command.......really did an absolutely grassy knoll assassination cock Custer who was wounded, still almost beat the Indians in that against all odds attack.
The military reality of what the 7th that day accomplished compared to Indian and cartel propaganda is the stuff Heroes are made of and the stuff which smears are made of to cover up this mass murder.
The Indians were absolutely incompetent even with complete support. They remind one of Obama's Libyan rebels who have NATO doing it all, and they can't grab hold of victory.

Now perhaps you can fathom why the cartels invest so much ink yet in smearing George and Elizabeth Custer, because if what this blog just exclusively exposed became widely known, it would bring down the shadow regime which props up the Obama regime in his murderous meanderings he is repeating as in 1876.

Libby Custer in her personal letters directly blames President Grant for the murder of her husband and family, in exactly the same way Jackie Kennedy blames Lyndon Johnson for the murder of her husband.
These women knew the stakes and knew the penalty for exposing the assassination plots and instead embarked on Camelot legacies to ensure that though they were dead, the murderers would not win in the end.
For those who are unaware of this, Ronald Reagan's hero was George Custer, and he specifically asked to play the General in film. When Ronald and Nancy Reagan chose to uphold their legacy, they followed the exact blueprint Libby Custer laid out in a series of books to keep their enemies from destroying them when they no longer had a voice to speak in this world.

The Custer family mass murder and laying it on the Indians who were not bright enough to know they were Lee Harvey Oswald stooges was brilliant. It was also thee most dastardly thing ever to take place in America which is even larger than the JFK murder plot, along with his entire family over the years.

The propaganda always focuses on the terrorists Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, but that is intended so no one ever starts looking for those wikiup Sioux in how they simply vanished back across military reservations in what is now South Dakota and appeared back in Minnesota by August 1876, again with no reports filed, no arrests made, and this being the 9 11 catastrophe literally of the 19th century which kept America spellbound for years.
Gen. Custer and his family, his command were all wiped out. Everyone in America knew these people as they were the first Kennedy's in clan popularity..........and yet no one in Minnesota wrote one memo on these wikiup Indians.

For the record, very few of the artifacts of the 7th Cavalry were ever located. A small portion was recovered at the Sully Battle which followed, but nothing else surfaced.
The propaganda was noised that the Indians had buried it all in Montana on their flight to Canada and western Montana. In my forensic research, the Custer Remington Rolling Block, his thoroughbred horse Vic, and all the other plunder ended up in Minnesota as these terrorists returned home.
Any firearms bartered were simply returned to government stores with no records made.

As you are reading the real history by Inspiration for the first time in the course of human events, allow the reality to permeate in how thorough all of this was even in that supposedly less sophisticated generation. A mass murder of an American Hero and his wife knew it, and yes the military knew it too.
One can research the records on this, and Gen. Custer in his command had every Navy SEAL Team Six in his 7th, and they were all connected to the best families in America. Every Soldier wanted to be under the Custer command, as the 7th was the best command in the military. Those officers who lost family and friends, made it a silent and resolute point to retaliate on the perpetrators they could get their hands on, and they destroyed the stooges of Benteen and Reno.

Everyone like Cord Miller in the JFK assassination knew who did the deed, and yet that same silence in the people who knew, also knew to the vicious extent the secret would be kept unpublished...........and to their Mockingbird worst to plant false stories and publish smears to keep the murders blamed on the patsies.

The mass assassination of the George Custer family is no conspiracy, but an executed military operation. All the data has always been there, but just like Obama in initiating the mass murder of Sheik bin Laden, it is all about the shock of slaughter to divert attention from the real cartel crimes in arming terrorists or forging a birth certificate for a foreigner.

Once again you have read things in details never read by another human, about events you thought you knew something about, but you knew nothing, as that is what the cartel intended.

I'm personally devoted to Libby Custer in a chivalrous loyalty which can not be broken. There is a recording of the sound of a woman's voice at the Little Big Horn, as it is a ghost voice in that battle scene is one of the largest haunted areas in America, in both Indian and Americans not resting in peace due to the murderous work of the cartel there.
That voice asks, "Do you love him?" I reckon it to be Libby Custer still on her patrol in not letting this go even in death, as she desires justice to be finally done.

Black Buzzard Obama of the most treacherous Crow who now make profit off the murder scene, are the very reason George Custer was there in Montana, AS THE CROW PETITIONED WASHINGTON FOR AMERICAN SOLDERS TO PROTECT THEM FROM THE SIOUX TERRORISTS PREYING ON THEM, is all connected to this Custer mass murder, as it was his Berliner boys who shot Lincoln and have in their empires been committing genocide on Americans for centuries in the real history of America.

Some prick Pulitzer or some nads Nobel should really give the journalism here an award, and make the cash award a thousand times what Obama and that ilk get for their cartel stoogery, but the patricians are all connected by blood and bribe.
You though have another major piece of the puzzle and Elizabeth Bacon, American Patriot has a few more Spirits aware of what was done to her husband and what is still Sarah Palin being done in political rape to the Custers, by the same Obama benefactors.

Our 3 AM call is not some damn red phone in the Oval Office, but our 3 AM is boots and saddles. I don't hide in bunkers like Mark Levin as I prefer the brier patch that my ancestors played in.

It has taken Libby 135 years for Inspiration in my bringing up the packs. That Mrs. Custer is like all American Ladies in she is a hard sell and don't scare worth a damn. That ring of Truth is the clarion call and it rang true for Paul Revere and it is going to ring true in exposing Obama.

Truth is a resurrection which can not be buried in a grave of lies.

Lame Cherry

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The day will come when America's enemies will wish it was me that was after them, because Who is making after this is God, and He will make a thorough reckoning of all of this, as God does not ever forget what is done to His children.

You can quote me on that too.

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