Saturday, September 28, 2013

Viva la France

The French have always been a dichotomy and it is one I pity. On the one hand they are a people of their father in just missing saving Joseph from being sold to Egypt after rescuing him from his murderous brothers, and on the other hand he is up mounting his father's concubine and being forever cut out of the leadership of the world.

The Gaul is of that blessing and curse and it does grieve me personally, because it all harkens back to two of the greatest people the world has ever produced. In the beginning, there was Charlemagne and Louis the Great who ruled Europe, but by the time of Joan of Arc du Lis, France was a kingdom the size of the area the royals could piss on in a day and if not for her being risen up, France would have ended there as a people.
The Prussian was as mighty of Empire, but after the Josephites all came to America, they simply stopped being a kingdom and the Poles annexed it all and put Polak names on everything as the Germans stood by.

I fully realize that if Joan had not been murdered by satan, and literally it's treacherous mob of Louis, Cachon, and the traitors who in envy and slovenness, were moved to have Joan face the fiery pyre, she would have not only defeated the Anglo Saxon, but moved to take the Holy Land, rebuilt the Temple, and most likely had her dauphin moved out and by wild riot been installed as Empress of Eurasia.
Jesus was not ready to return yet in the Father's Will and the Promise to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph had yet to be fulfilled in the Anglo Americans ruling a colonized world, so the murder of the Prophetess Warrior was the only solution as Jehanne du Arc du Lis, would have overcome the Lord God's plans.

It is the same with La Salle, Rene' Robert Cavelier. His grande ventures were to expand Quebec into New France, an area the size greater than the Louisiana Purchase. He too faced treachery from his own people in the highest of offices. He was beset by immense setbacks, robberies and smears.
After years of this failure and immense debt, this founder of the American interior sailed to France, and was met by the King and the great court minister. King Louis was so impressed with La Salle that he gave him ships, soldiers, colonists and stores to found the Louisiana colony, and open up the interior of America to all her riches for France.

France would have become the British Empire literally and the English and Americans would have become footnotes in history, except of course for again the chances of evil which had La Salle land in Texas, another one of his ships mysteriously "grounded" by a pilot to be wrecked, and his mislanding produced his abandonment by the French Navy meant to succour him.

La Salle would try twice to walk for help to Montreal. Think of that in order to save his dying people, he attempted to walk to Canada. The last time, just as with Joan of Arc, his own people mutinied. A small group hacked to death La Salle's inner circle along with his nephew as they slept, and the next day when La Salle arrived looking for his inner group, the murderers shot him in the brain, stripped his body naked and dragged him under the bushes to be eaten by animals.

I always have remorse for people who, if not for them, their countries would be dead, who in some plan God allows satan to destroy them, all so a greater plan would be worked out.
Joab saved Israel for David in doing the dirty deeds which were necessary, but Solomon executed him as Joab in my estimate knew Solomon was going to be a disaster and he was, but without Solomon leading Israel astray, the Second Covenant in Christ would not have appeared according to God's Promise.

Being human, I judge it all unfair as I have suffered alike. I know I have been subdued as I would have without intention set things right and Armageddon would not appear. The same is the reality in the two greatest American Generals in Patton and MacArthur, were murdered and removed, as they would have never allowed the communist menace to be installed in this cartel order that installed the illegitimate, Birther Hussein Obama to the utter ruin of America.

It would sound little of me to complain of the unfairness of God to me. Yet though I am chafed at the unfairness of God in bringing the ruin of French and American saviors, whose crimes were none, but if they had succeeded the children of Joan of Arc would have ruled the world, and we Americans would be speaking French like the rest of the world.

Christopher Columbus faced the same ruin for as Viceroy of half the planet, his goal was to gain wealth to rebuild that 3rd Temple too as his journals reveal. He deserved better than what this heinous modernity has accosted him with, as they sit whoring their children, butchering their babies, robbing the poor and telling them to eat cake, with the superior glare that they are so much more born to the feudal few granting life and death than the many who are  the stock of their paddock.

I mourn for them for their mistreatment, murder and slander. The French though have always had that Jacobian curse on them for Reuben having intercourse with this father's concubine. Yes the French have always been betrayed by their head in arrogant thought, as the heart of the people tried always to do good.

The best of France and her children, squandered for a people too venereal discharged to sin, all so the Lord Christ will return. Things of course would have been just as sinful under a French Kingdom as Joan's icons were burned by the mob hundreds of years later and Robert Cavelier's treasures would have been wasted on more cake, rather London Windsor or American patrician, and all that the French would have done is what Reuben was prevented from in saving Joseph from being sold down to Egypt as savior for his people later.

It is odd in delays are what this was all about. Delaying Joan as Jesus was not yet to come in her time and delaying Cavelier as his success would have delayed Jesus second coming.

The problem with the world is it is venereally covered with a discharge of sin.

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