Friday, September 2, 2016

Distinguished graduate of Yale Law School

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not know if I will have time to examine the reasons the #NeverTrumpers Facebook trolls of the Hillary Clinton 5th Column have posted for voting for Hillary Clinton, and naively think that Mrs. Clinton is just going to give the ball back at half time for them to suck Ted Cruz's flaccid phallic for a 2020 hindsight review, but it is amusing to actually see who Hillary Clinton is.........she is sort of the gay version of ultra leftist Gary Johnson. Meaning she uses her tongue a lot, but not for words but a propaganda weapon of lies.

I have already proven that Hillary Clinton took a calculated action in Wellesley College in order to gain national attention as Rockefeller Republican...yes she was a Neo Con and President of the GOP at her girl's school, but took the opportunity of a college address to lynch the most powerful black Senator in America. This was unique considering Dr. Martin King had just been murdered a few months before.
Hillary Rodham literally took the house Nig out and whipped that boy in order to gain attention and this appears to be how she gained admission to Yale.

Whipping a house Nigger was probably the first time anyone gained admission to Yale carrying out that kind of Nigger Knockin'.

What stands out in the 5th Column List:

Distinguished graduate of Yale Law School.
Editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action

The title of Distinguished Graduate at Yale is for Hillary Rodham like saying you are an engineer for peeing in the bathroom on the top floor of Trump Tower.

The reality is, Hillary Clinton has sealed all of her records. She sealed those records because she is dumb as a post, akin to George W. Bush and John Kerry in being C grade students.

Yale does not teach law. Yale teaches how to twist the law to a leftist bastardization of justice. One must understand that in the girl's school, her roommate was a flaming lesbian. Hillary lynched a black man in Senator Brooke, and then wrote her thesis on radical anarchist Sol Alinsky's manifesto, where Hillary disagreed over violence, but thought using people skills to bring about change was the answer.

That is what Hillary Rodham was all about. She was an ugly girl with a smile. She put people at ease by schmoozing them in knowing how to manipulate people in power, in flattering them and begging to learn at their feet. Leftists eat this up, and Neocon Hillary Rodham fed the elite plates of this stew.

Another biography, published a decade ago by Joyce Milton [this is the best single book on Hillary that I have read so far - TL], suggests Clinton was a mediocre student who didn't even finish in the top of her high school class. However, she was a hard worker who had a reputation as a "teacher's pet" and was skilled at making the "right connections" to advance her career, Milton says in "The First Partner: Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Hillary Rodham got into Yale not for being intelligent, but for being the celebrity who politically castrated Senator Brooke. Mockingbird of the CIA was in full effect in this, as this nobody girl appeared in Life magazine and in other CIA front media promoting her. That is where the intelligence asset of Rodham first appears to have surfaced as a minder inside the left.

This is the typical mode of operation of Hamrod Clinton:

Hillary had read a Time magazine article about civil—rights lawyer Marian Wright Edelman her first semester in law school and went to a speech Edelman gave at the law school shortly afterwards. After the talk, Hillary asked Edelman if she could work for her that summer. With the help of some grant money, Hillary spent the summer working with Edelman on behalf of poor migrant families

Hillary Rodham never studied in university. She was too busy running protest meetings on Black Panthers or some other megaphone cause where she was mugging for the camera. This woman seemed to have a camera documenting and publicizing her every move, and she did, because she left a photographic trail.
Someone pushing child issues which later manifested as pedophile emancipation of children from their parents, was never prepared for bar examinations, and that is why this stupid girl failed the very easy DC bar exam. Miss Rodham spent 8 years in American education, and learned absolutely nothing, because she always found a way to be teacher's pet. Everyone else did the heavy lifting, just as Bill Clinton did the heavy lifting to get Hillary Clinton to the point where she is presently.

The title of served on the editorial board of the Yale Law Review is NOT Miss Rodham was EDITOR of the Law Review.  All this brown noser ever was, was a teacher's pet, CIA associated and her niche was the promotion of pedophile movement for the 21st century hidden in "children's rights".

So in this list of reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton the Cruz Cult has now listed these attributes:

  1. Being a racist in lynching a powerful Black man.
  2. Using Nigger Knockin' to get into Yale as a CIA asset minder for the Neocons
  3.  Setting the groundwork to legalized pedophilia.

Underlying all of that, is a mediocre student with grades so embarrassing that the Clinton's did not want Nanny Hillary's real IQ ever known. That is what Hillary Clinton did in Yale. She was part of Yale child studies, in she experimented on children as a sort of grad student in Dr. Frankenanny.

Hillary Rodham with her family

This is the fiction of the distinguished graduate of Yale Law School. As her failings as First Lady in Hilllarycare, her failing the people of New York as US Senator, her failings as Sec. of State for the American people in what is now Clinton Foundation bribery as policy from foreigners and a global insecurity of mass migrations of people, all prove, Hillary Rodham Clinton is not intelligent or a leader. She has an ability in one on one, to con people, always rich and powerful people to get something out of them, like 1.5 billion dollars for her campaign.
Enabling dangerous people in the Obama regime has brought America to the point of needing a Donald Trump to attempt to stop a global nuclear war and saving people from this mass migration of disruption, and this is the only ability Hillary Clinton possesses or possesses her. It works fine in lynching blacks in  racism and conning lesbians and leftists for pervert sex, but starts world wars.

I am pleased this Facebook fool, another Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson traitor type took the time to post the attributes of Hillary Clinton so they can be exposed on the Lame Cherry.
We have now come to in three points of reality in their three Hillary Clinton attributes:

  1. Hillary Clinton the racist kicking blacks when they are down.
  2. Hillary Clinton the lesbian conning leftist idiots as Neocon agent of the CIA
  3. Hillary Clinton the pedophile promoter.

It is wonderful the moron who created this list has allowed this opportunity to expose what these cucks are really promoting, so in a People's Court they can be tried and hanged for supporting crimes against humanity.

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