Friday, September 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton reveals she has lost the election

Editor's Note: What I noticed about these David John Oates reversals of Hillary Clinton, is that her voice is changing. At times she sounds almost like a male metallic demon.

The following are a list of odd things Mrs. Clinton is stating, the one at the end is of interest in she says I WISH I WON. Mrs. Clinton apparently knows she has the lost the election.

 Talking about her being exposed in what she is: I have never lied in my head
(Hillary Clinton lies all the time and knows it, but feels guilt ridden and is comforting herself that she does not lie inside of her head.)
In the above, someone whispers to Hillary Clinton in "take a deep breath" and Mrs. Clinton says "Take a deep breath".
This is the same oddity of the black medic telling her to keep talking, and she repeated "keep talking".

It is the same black man in both cases.

Held up trump signs taunting others: It was real funny
(Hillary Clinton thinks hatred is amusing.)

God bless America: Sell God

On Donald Trump : Much blood is here

America is great: Say goodbye next

Trump rebrands himself: Just now you renounce it.

Landing under sniper fire: They'll remember
(Event never happened. Children brought flowers.)

Diversity of athletes:Fire away to serve it

George W. Bush: Show me the joke

Senator McCain leadership: The mob will come

Hillary's values: They do riot

Party of Lincoln: This their famine

Standing against prejudice: We will take money
Wanting to build America: I wish I won.