Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hillary in a Poke

Lame Cherry: Hillary Clinton's Vampyra Treatments

For those who will dismiss the following exclusive in Lame Cherry matter anti matter, the root source of this story is Peter Thiel, ... THE LAME CHERRY CAFE.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Observing Hillary Clinton's return from the air tubes down her throat, is fascinating in the use of blood therapy as was exclusively covered on this blog in Hillary Clinton's transfusions of young blood in her  elixir of buying a few more days in this world..

Tech Billionaire Peter Thiel Transfuses Young Blood To Avoid ...

It seems tech billionaire, Peter Thiel, never wants to get old. ... Peter Thiel injects blood from young people to fight aging. Is it ever effective?

Mrs. Clinton's return  though was preceded by the sham of television appearances which were recorded previously. What you see in Mrs. Clinton is a woman who has been pumped full of a combination of blood from stem cell, to birth cord to concoctions of youthful extractions............think of this as Hillary Clinton regenerating outside of the womb, in how a fetus is an explosion of life. That is what this woman has been renewed with again.

It was a continuous transfusion, and if you look closely at the upholstery heavy coated Mrs. Clinton who can not keep warm, she is pale, she has the same stress raccoon circles under her eyes, and neck saggy old skin. It requires a great deal of specific body chemistry in amino acids to renew a dying corpse. Of course Mrs. Clinton is going to be anemic as her body is thinking a reality in she lost all her blood for days, but has been fooled into renewal with her fountain of youth.

Inquiry states she has gone through 19 gallons of blood the past 4 days to get this, once again degrading woman who seems alive again, and was fighting to stop coughing and in North Carolina was perspiring in an unhealthy glow, as a fever means a higher metabolism that the body is trying to burn something foreign of as her body burns out.

This therapy will last 10 days, but she is degrading every moment, and will require another transfusion after that period. It can not be continuous as she will burn out, as in having a drip every day. Hamrod is not cheating death, as this will burn her out in 3 months.
If she did not have this "treatment" she would be in a wheelchair and need an insert to keep her from drowning on her own spit.

Inquiry states this "treatment" costs around 3400 American dollars a gallon. The old gal will have problems with her veins collapsing with this much activity stressing them.

You get what you pay for and America is getting a Hillary in a poke.