Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bill Clinton's Fred Sandford Moment

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

'You're a rapist!': Protesters Taunt Bill Clinton at ...

'Bill Clinton is a rapist!': Protester Photobombs CNN With Infowars Rape Shirt

Inquiry to the matrix is pointing to there are discussions going on to not make Hillary Clinton have an event with protesters, but for Bill Clinton to have a faux heart attack for sympathy in order to stop the Rape Protestors from hounding him, and Hillary will then use it to rail against about her "poor Bill".

Inquiry says the campaign is thinking Friday, to let protesters in close, for Slick to go Fred Sanford and the Secret Service then pounces on the protestors for a weekend news buzz and smear against people who are against the Clintons raping people.

The thinking is as the sick issue is hounding Hillary as are the rape realities, making use of Bill, since he will not go toe tag for sympathy for the campaign, his grabbing his chest instead of some girls whazzit can be exploited, building on the scheme with the GOPliters of last Friday.

Perhaps this can be diverted as I write this at Tuesday noon for publication Wednesday morning, so that people can watch for some more Clinton intrigue.

Another stage theater moment, brought to you by John Podesta.

With that, Nuff Said