Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jeff Sessions now handing out Life in Prison Sentences

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What happens when you sentence a 53 year old American to 68 years in prison? It is called a death sentence as even with OJ's good behavior on 33 years, he still did the 9 hard time, so that is the reality of what Attorney General Jeff Sessions just allowed to be inflicted upon an American in Nevada, over the reality that armed federal agents, rustled a rancher's cattle, and too many armed Americans appeared to allow for it to proceed, so the Bundy's got their property back, and now Jeff Sessions has just handed out a death sentence to Gregory Burleson.

Gregory Burleson, 53, of Phoenix, was found guilty in April of eight felony counts, including charges of threatening and assaulting federal officers, obstruction of justice, interstate travel in aid of extortion and firearms offenses related to a crime of violence. 

In psychological examination of this issue which is the America West, which  Donald Trump jr stood in Nevada and promised Westerners the Trump's stood with them, as much as Donald Trump sr. gave that same pledge to millions of people already on edge, with guns, this sentence sends a message to the People of the West, that they have no voice, no relief, no champion for them. This was Obama prosecutors at Justice, which Jeff Sessions greenlighted, after lying to Judicial Watch's Larry Klayman, and now America has a situation which is a disaster, which this blog has attempted from the start to diffuse, where as William Colby warned, Americans do not trust the system.

Observe in this what those in control of the system have taught Americans with guns.

When one surrenders as LaVoy Finicum did, he is shot and left to bleed in the snow.
When Americans  surrender, they are hounded by the Justice Department.
When Americans trust in a trial, they are given death sentences as that is what 68 years in prison is.

Those behind this understand what they are stoking in creating another confrontation and series of confrontations. This is the tragedy of weeding out the modern Indian who was driven from the lands in the 1800's by the federal authorities. In that case, it was to exploit the White race for profits in promising them land, but in this phase it is to drive all the races into cities to be managed to their deaths, as the land is being confiscated.

None of the federal agencies have ordered their armed agents to be disarmed. Law Enforcement belongs in the hands of FBI, US Marshals and Border Patrol, not gopher police, not Delta Force deployments and not in FBI assassination squads who murder LaVoy Finicum, and then Jeff Sessions allows them to remain free and being paid on leave.

This will be a long and slow rubbing it in, in the West as a message. It is designed by the system to make this caustic and to inflame the population even more. All of these pistol packers will stride with renewed arrogance, pushing agrarian, outdoors and forestry people around, which becomes a big problem for legitimate Homeland Security agents who deal with the public to subdue them verbally to gain what they intend, instead of intimidating some rancher in SWAT costumes.

If the President was the President he promised, he would immediately sign a pardon for Gregory Burleson, and inform Justice that he was going to pardon every one of those people in prison and on trial associated with this movement, and order the respective Cabinet Secretaries to tell their armed agents to stand down, stop brushing up against those people or they will be fired and charged with terrorizing the public.
There is a vast difference in a professional officer of law enforcement approaching a Citizen with respect, and in command of a situation, and the gopher patrol sneering behind sunglasses, intimidating and abusing authority. That gopher police makes it impossible for legitimate law enforcement to deal with a situation.

That is why Donald Trump has to pardon these Americans, so that they feel they have a voice, so that it puts a leash on the gopher patrols, so that this does not restart the level of violence, because what is taking place now under Jeff Sessions for Obama, is a lesson that Americans in the West, can not trust the system, as the system either guns them down in the snow or gives them death sentences.

Jeff Sessions is King George's Royal Prosecutor, and Sessions would have handed out the same penalties to Sam Adams and the Boston Patriots. The President is going to have to get ahead of this with pardons, or this will be violent situations erupting again, by people as harmless an non violent, if their person and property is not violated......and that is why the money interests are violating these Americans personal space, in order to erupt violence, deploy the police state, make examples of more Americans and seize more property.

The President must create a balance. He has officers on his lawn praising them in the ball game shooting. He needs to put political prisoners on his lawn and hand out pardons. These People are honorable and if the President jacks them up and tells them not to embarrass him, and that they will behave for this pardon, that he will be there for them, and violence will not be necessary........and that the President has given them a phone number to call, that if these people get harassed, one call to the White House stops it.

It will be an either or in what follows, there are no excuses in this for the White House. Promises were made, persecutions have continued to death sentences for deep state agenda, and the President is the only remedy. He will either remedy it or those being persecuted will conclude he chose the side of the persecutors just like past regimes always have.

The Attorney General has failed the President, now the People of the West are deciding if Donald Trump will choose the deep state or protect them. Break that trust and those People of the American West will never trust that person ever again.

Outgunned by Bundy's supporters, authorities released the cattle and left the area. Although no shots were fired, prosecutors said Burleson and his five co-defendants aimed rifles at law enforcement.

And now the police state is back, deliberately teaching the population to not trust the government. That is something which should not be allowed by the Justice Department, as this should be about finding ways to make people trust the system for a peaceful population.

Wednesday's sentencing came days before various militia groups plan a weekend rally near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

.......and with 1 in 10 attendees moles, smile nicely as your Facebook, cell phones and your entire contacts are being referenced, as what better way to find the resistors than to gather them at a rally.
My children and my brats, stay away from all of this as it will only bring trouble.