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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's Sal Alinksy

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 The Lame Cherry in this post is doing what this poor orphan girls does, in enlightening the rich and poor by exposing the intrigue behind the scenes, which is manipulating the masses, and no one due to Mockingbird is  allowed to reveal the story behind the shadow curtain.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The question in this is, Which came first the egg or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?  Ask yourself how a waitress of a few years ago, suddenly is someone threatening Nancy Pelosi with sit ins, and threatening democrats with political assassination, and everyone is running scared.

Few people know that the two biggest propaganda events of leftist distractions in the Obama years in Flint Michigan suddenly having racist lead pipes making Afroid babies low IQ and the Keystone XL pipeline on Indian Reservation land, have on interesting connection in a pretty little girl from New York, driving around in her car across country, and making them her issues.

The North Dakota Indian Reservation protests funded by George Soros were not about the Keystone XL pipeline were warehouses of goods are still stockpiled after having been abandoned by the Obama protestors, but they were a live action communist revolutionary boot camp in shock training. It was here that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez moved like Obama from being a waitress, to being a community organized Marxist.

An interesting event was evolving behind Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and it was an American Curry Nigger out of Texas named  Saikat Chakrabart. The resume of Chakrabarti is impressive no paper, as a sort of Obama with brains, but in that impressive resume is the hidden reality that White American programmers were fired and replaced by Indian copy and paste programmers. See that is what the Curry Niggers are employed for, in the work White codex writers have labored over in the United States is copied and pasted in codex piracy in all of these American companies have been rewarding these Visa Vermin and their "American" swarthies with American salaries.

Chakrabarti was involved with the Bernie Sanders campaign, which has since been proven a fraud campaign, for Hillary Clinton to defeat as she was the Goldman Sachs girl and Bernie Sanders was the communist front for the Marxist Obama created wing of the party to legitimize communism into American politics.

The Fort Worth Texas native and a Harvard graduate spent nearly eight years in Silicon Valley before shifting gears. Post Harvard, after a brief stint on Wall Street, Chakrabarti went to California, where he co-founded Mockingbird, a web design tool, and then built up the product team at the payment processor Stripe.
But in 2015, he left the tech space and went to work for Bernie Sanders. After graduation, Chakrabarti wanted to start his own company, Politico says, but he was slowing getting disillusioned by the industry. “You have to decide to create the society you want to create,” he told Politico, “and that’s done through politics.”

After Bernie Sanders took a dive, this is where it begins to be interesting in the NSA  and CIA backed Silicon Valley industry, having a CIA backed Harvard Obama University graduate, who somehow became a political expert, was suddenly recruiting candidates, where being a democrat did not matter, as all that mattered was they were revolutionaries.
Chakrabarti, took 12,000 applications and 1  in 1000 made the cut, and one of the cuttees was Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who had been honing her talents in burning fossil fuels across America in being a community organizer of revolution and revolt, paid for by George Soros.

As this subject has never been breached, no one has ever asked if AOC answered a Craigslist ad for paid protestors for her sojourn into Flint and Standing Rock,  paid for by George Soros  and ordered by Birther Hussein in the police state to stand down and not arrest anyone in this mayhem.

After Sander’s campaign, Chakrabarti, along with Rojas and Trent, cofounded the progressive political action committee Justice Democrats, and served as its executive director. Justice Democrats joined hands with Brand New Congress, also cofounded by Chakrabarti. Together, they aimed to recruit 400 candidates by asking people to nominate individuals from their own communities. According DC Beat, “party affiliation didn’t matter; candidates had to want health care for all, a living wage, and to want money not to rule all in politics.” They ended up with 12,000 applications, out of which 12 ran for primaries, and one won a seat in Congress: Ocasio-Cortez.
Chakrabarti told Rolling Stone that caring too much about a win ratio is part of the reason he believes the Democratic Party would never have recruited Ocasio-Cortez. “We’re OK losing 90 percent of our races, if it means that the ones we win cause the kind of shift in thinking about what’s possible — like Alexandria’s race honestly did,” Chakrabarti told the magazine. “So that’s a different way of measuring success.”

See what I believe all of you are missing in this, is we know that Val-erie Jarrett, the Obama stand in, and Michelle Obama, have been outed as running a Shadow Regime of Obama from the DC enclave since 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.
We know that Obama Inc. stated they were going to recruit snowflakes across America to be political operatives for the Obama legacy. The reality is the protests which George Soros paid for and Obama protected by Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, were the Obama School of Revolution in full progress and plain sight before the world. Obama was creating a revolution and providing street fighting experience to anarchists which this regime intended to elevate by numbers into political power.

The Bernie Sanders fraud was the gathering point. The protests were the weeding out process and the political campaigns were the assembly point. AOC in having targeted an established democrat was by design. Remember Webster Griffin Tarpley stating that the elite intended to split the democratic party in to a socialist and marxist majority to rule American while wiping out the GOP.  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's challenge to destroying mainstream democrats, sent a message which she reinforced in threatening Pelosi democrats in conference to create a schism in the democratic party.

Chakrabarti, is the force which produced the Green New Deal as AOC is not capable of such policy documents. It was created on Obama templates and was never intended to be accepted as it is that far out there. It is a conditioning paper like Obamacare, a first step to community organize America.

 He has big policy dreams, like a “Green New Deal,” which, Politico says would tackle everything from mitigating climate change to transforming the American economy, and criminal justice reform. He wants to lay the groundwork now to make them realities. “Another thing to really do over the next two years is to basically show the American people what will be possible if the Democrats win the House, the Senate and the presidency in 2020, and that means putting our best foot forward,” Chakrabarti told Politico.“It means putting the most ambitious, the boldest, the biggest things we can, and then just build a movement around that.”

Chakrabarti, though has challenged those in the DNC who have bent at the waist for years to get little boys and girls to bend at the waist for their pleasure.  This has caused an interesting challenge, in Chakrabarti, was caught in the criminal act of moving almost a million dollars which was not reported to election officials, and which has now had a complaint filed against both Chakrabarti, and AOC. This is jail time offenses.

Fox News

The Gay Way Pundit, which means Kushner Media has been focusing on outing Chakrabarti, as a disciple of an Indian Asian nationalist who hated the English like Obama hated the English being an Asian, in Subhas Bose, who liked jumping in bed with anyone who wanted to genocide the English in World War II, namely the Germans and Japanese.

 Subhas Bose

The underpinnings of the hatred of the Anglo, has become the racism of hating White Christian Americans, and there is once again a great deal of millions of dollars funding this neo political gathering Justice Democrats, which is a wonderful propagandized name as this is justice entails a mob rule replacing White Christian Protestant America with shadows behind the veiled curtain.

The Funding

In the 2018 elections, 26 of the 79 candidates endorsed by Justice Democrats won their respective primary elections. Seven of these candidates won in the general election: Raúl Grijalva, Ro Khanna, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Pramila Jayapal.

On January 23, 2017, Cenk Uygur and Kyle Kulinski founded Justice Democrats with ten others, including former staffers from the Sanders campaign such as its Director of Organizing Technology, Saikat Chakrabarti, and fundraiser Zack Exley

On December 22, 2017, it was announced that Uygur had resigned from his position at the organization, following the revelation of previously deleted but archived controversial blog posts he had written when he was a Republican

Think of the New Green Deal of the ultimate Obama Wet Dream, a jack off session of dreams, not of saving the planet but enslaving the planet, by looting the work of generations for the feudal few on top and leaving in the place of the productive classes for these Visa Vermin who will obey Big Brother  and never revolt in being low IQ.

He has big policy dreams, like a “Green New Deal,” which, Politico says would tackle everything from mitigating climate change to transforming the American economy, and criminal justice reform. He wants to lay the groundwork now to make them realities. “Another thing to really do over the next two years is to basically show the American people what will be possible if the Democrats win the House, the Senate and the presidency in 2020, and that means putting our best foot forward,” Chakrabarti told Politico.“It means putting the most ambitious, the boldest, the biggest things we can, and then just build a movement around that.”

In all of this, you are seeing the Obama legacy in action. These NGO's were designed to do to America what Obama and Clinton did to Libya. This is what has been plaguing the Russians for years, what is taking place in the Ukraine and what has been legally protected by the American police state, as this is about transforming America into a gulag free of the Christian Protestant.

The Green New Deal, which in the past month has come to define the progressive cause in Washington, exists in its most authoritative form as an eleven-page Google Doc. The document was written over a single December weekend by the staff of the freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and three like-minded progressive groups, none of which existed two years ago: the Sunrise Movement, a grassroots climate organization; the Justice Democrats, which recruits and supports progressive candidates; and an upstart policy shop called the New Consensus. Just about everyone involved was new to lawmaking. “We spent the weekend learning how to put laws together,” Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, told me. “We looked up how to write resolutions.”

This entire group led by Chakrabarti, who is the perfect Curry Nigger like Dinesh D'Souza in the India is developed as a mind which one can program information into, and they will follow that program blindly. D'Souza has no idea what it is to be a Reagan American by experience but will progress that agenda like Reagan fathered the swarthy.  Chakrabarti, is an Obama clone ejaculated out of his 3rd testicle. He knows nothing of what the wet dream is, but will tell you it feels like rain. All of these snowflakes have zero thought process which these "leaders" are leading. They are the children of the PETA, anti nuke, anti war, pro homo, love children of the 1960's ULTRA experiments. Their vocabulary is limited to expressions, and there are indications that Chakrabarti, is an Obama like clone as Chakrabarti's twitch is repeating the word "gigantic".

In our conversation, Chakrabarti came across as curious and excitable—he kept using the word “gigantic” to describe the changes he envisioned—and not unlike the young people who, a decade ago, attached themselves to Obama. In the group that joined him to draft the Green New Deal, you can see the emergence of the next generation of the progressive élite: Waleed Shahid, the most prominent spokesman for the Justice Democrats, was the policy director on Cynthia Nixon’s campaign for governor of New York; Rhiana Gunn-Wright, the policy director for the New Consensus, played the same role for the progressive gubernatorial campaign of Abdul El-Sayed, in Michigan. The leaders of the Sunrise Movement are younger still, in their twenties, with at least as great a sense of urgency. “If you look at the latest United Nations I.P.C.C. report, we need a massive transformation of our economy, unlike any we’ve seen in recent history,” Stephen O’Hanlon, a co-founder of the group, told me. The ubiquitous young left-wing activist Sean McElwee, whose weekly East Village happy hours have drawn senators and Presidential aspirants, published an early sketch of what a Green New Deal policy might look like.

This is the Obama Evolution not Revolution. What began with Sal Alinsky who attempting to seize the Education Department's billions for his revolution was assassinated by the powers that be. Chakrabarti, is of this same Alinksy order, in being a rather evolved mutant of Van Jones, who never really drank the Obama green kool ade, but was another projection of this illusion. Chakrabarti, like the Curry Nigger programmers taking American codex, stole the Van Jones talking points and made them into the Obama Evolution.

This way of thinking isn’t exactly new, either. When Obama appointed the prominent environmental activist Van Jones as his special adviser for green jobs, in 2009, Jones also spoke of a Green New Deal, and was also confident that a climate-driven economic transformation could help correct racial inequities. The Obama economic stimulus, Jones, who is now a CNN commentator, pointed out to me this week, provided more than eighty billion dollars for clean-energy jobs, an investment that the White House expected would be supplemented by a national cap-and-trade program.

If one reviews this list of ISLAMOCOMMUNIST Manifestos, and yes my children I told you the Iranians were ISLAMOCOMMUNISTS and not Islamofasicts as Mark Levin kept ranting about, as this is where this has always been generating from in the Islamist Marxist melding of ideas to overthrow the west, you will discover the Obama talking points, the New Green Deal, are all Communist Manifesto ideals of promise the masses everything for nothing, create a common enemy and allow the mob to die for the feudal few's rule.

To accompany its launch, Kulinski and Uygur published the following set of progressive founding principles for the coalition. Adjustments have been made since 2017, resulting in a slightly different platform appearing on the Justice Democrats webpage at a given time.

The image of Obama was in Calgary Alberta Canada, trolling the international audience again, in this time professing that we are all going to die by insects if we do not all kill ourselves in the  Obama Gulag. Yes the Moose Tick is the most dangerous thing in the world now, not nuclear war.

(For the record, giving my brother full credit for this, as he researched this Chronic Wasting Disease that Obama is ranting about, Chronic Wasting Disease was created by the United States Government. It was given to elk herds in Colorado in fenced captivity, and when the study was complete the government scientists opened the gates and let the infected elk into the wild, This is where CWD appeared from and image Obama is not telling you that. All of that information has been wiped from the internet as it used to be public from Colorado Fish and Wildlife Department.)

It is the thread which connects all of this in the Obama Criminals. All of this AOC is by design and for the first time this has been connected and exposed by the Lame Cherry in matter and anti matter exclusive and I doubt the rich will make their generous donations for this expose' and the Mockingbird media will give this orphan girl credit for another expose' which no one else would inform you of.

The Hill reports:
“All of us are going to have to recognize that there are trade-offs involved with how we live, how our economy is structured, and the world that we’re going to be passing on to our kids and grandkids. Nobody is exempt from that conversation,” Obama said.
He also noted that rising oceans risk coastal populations and environmental changes have boosted the frequency of insect-borne diseases.
“Moose right now [have] to deal with tick-borne diseases that they didn’t have to do 10, 15 years ago. I really like moose. I assume, Canadians, you do too,” Obama said. “These are just facts.”

This group never went away. They have been at complete war with the United States and while you were diverted by Trump WWE and Russiagate Theater, all of this has been progressing as it was designed, all in plain sight and no one told you these things, except the Lame Cherry.