Saturday, September 7, 2019

Donald Trump will bring Armageddon

When I grow up Jared, I will get a big boy hair cut
a big boy suit, and lick orange marmalade,  just like you.

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When this blog noted that Jewry had bailed on Donald Trump's peace plan in Jason Greenblatt was leaving, I had no idea that it could be worse, and yet it is.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Jews Bail on Trump Peace

Hey he brought orange marmalade!

In the most nuclear, most nuanced, most sophisticated, most volitile part of the world which could set off nuclear war, Donald Trump has just appointed a 29 year old kid, who looks 15 to take over the Trump Peace Plan.

My hobbies are acne, puberty and dreaming of growing grown up whiskers.


Avi Berkowitz, yes another Jew, who Muslims do not trust in this sea of Jewry that Donald Trump has been antagonizing Philistines with from the start of his regime, is the inexperienced yes man to Jared Kushner who is now in charge.
This is not anti semite as the Jewish American ambassador in Jerusalem is sounding the warning bells on this, as this kid does not know jack or shit.

What this looks like to me, when I stated this looks bad, is now that war is coming to the Mideast. Jason Greenblatt does not want to be blamed, so they put in this wet behind the ears Jew to take the blame. Avi Berkowitz is meant to start a war, not stop one, because in war, the decks will be cleared and the victors can dictate their own peace and have Muslim and Jew corpses signing the treaty.

Berkowitz, 28, is in many ways Kushner's protégé, following him to Kushner Companies, then to Trump's campaign, and now to the West Wing. Both Ivy League-educated lawyers, they have matching dispositions and similar worldviews influenced by their Jewish schooling and deep ties to Israel, according to several of Berkowitz's friends who spoke with Business Insider

I'm so excited my last baby tooth fell out and the tooth fairy is coming.

Jared Kushner has been at Mideast peace for three years and it is a disaster. It is not a peace plan when it relies on Prime Minister Netanyahu to obliterate Gaza and Lebanon, start a war with Iran, after he attempts to win his 3rd failed election.

This is a definitive warning sign, that NO ONE who is an adult wants to deal with the failed Kushner policy and be blamed for it. The names which would bring respect to this are not taking the calls. So that leaves a yes man in Avi Berkowitz to be the Judas goat for Jared Kushner, who Kushner can blame when Armageddon appears and take credit if by some miracle the candles stay burning for 8 days again.


Berkowitz was not known for harboring particularly strong political beliefs before he joined Trump's campaign. A friend of Berkowitz's who met him in Israel and later roomed with him at Harvard Law School told Business Insider that the two rarely had explicitly political discussions.


As a lawyer Mike, I can not see any problem talking to the FBI.

As I have stated, Mosaad does not want peace. Sebastian Kurz and Europe does not want Kushner peace which will cut them out of the control of the Holy Land. The Pater Pope does not want this peace. That means this great peace plan has Donald Trump trying to bribe Egyptian loyalty and Kushner is promising Saudi Arabia dynasty control. There are too many parties who want this to fall flat, and Turkey is a major player in wanting disaster and disaster is easier to father in the Mideast than success.

This disaster began when slum lord Jared was playing with his balls on the court, and asked this kid to play with his balls too. This Pollack Jew smelled the scent of money and followed Kushner how and into the White House.

Remember in all of this, that it was Jared Kushner who moved to suppress the Black vote, so this kid signed off on that in 2016. This kid knows why Geritt Lansing was handed all of your information to sell in WinRed and knows where all the skeletons are buried. Kushner has protected him, Robert Mueller never questioned him, and for following Jared Kushner around like a dog, he has now been handed the keys to Armageddon.

For a fact check, this is the kid who Adam Schiff and the GOP entourage should be hauling before their investigations to find out what in the hell is going on in the West Wing.


Avi, do you have diaper rash again?

I am going to cut to the quick in this to save millions of lives. There is one person who should take over the diplomacy in the Mideast, in the shoes of Phil Habib, who served Ronald Reagan so well, and that is Lebanese American, John Abizaid.
This former General was appointed by Donald Trump as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. This is the person America needs, and must move out of this slum lord carpet trader of Jared Kushner who gave the Jewish state the Golan Heights of Syria.

John Philip Abizaid (born April 1, 1948) is a United States Army general and former U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) commander who is currently the United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

I doubt the Ambassador can stop the Kushner disaster which is initiated, but at least there will be an adult in the room, who can stay up past 10 o'clock without permission from a parent.

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