Monday, September 9, 2019

The Mind of Mosaad

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When Canadian Victor Ostrovsky blew the whistle on the corruption of the Mosaad in how it was working against the government and people of Judah, he published a number of charts and  graphs. One was the Mosaad Academy, and while it is old and the Jews would have changed the layout, what is interesting in this is the patterns of the Jew mind will not change.

What is a Jew mind? No it is not the "chewing in your face Yiddish Jewican that Americans are used to" where you either have a Jerry Seinfeld or a Jerry Kushner, acting like slum lords are too proper to laugh at their pile of shit. The Jew mind is central European. It is Rothschild numbered in it is calculated, intelligence, two dimensional, prepared and quite lethal against Jews or Goy.

Study the chart of the Mosaad Academy and it reveals all of the above. Remember this Academy is just down the hill from the Prime Minister's summer palace. Remember the Mosaad used to have a great time listening to Golda Mier and her man pal making the bed squeak. Remember this is the place where little Jew zealots are transformed into sociopaths for the Judean state, who will follow all orders and break all laws, a hierarchy where little Jew girls in soldier uniforms are employed to fuck the officers, are all traded around, and the men have naked pool parties with these 18 and 20 year old girls, in front of the Prime Minister's palace and the Shaback, the Jewish FBI.
That is forensic psychology in telling the Prime Minister who is going to fuck them over and telling Shaback that not even the Jewish FBI can arrest the Mosaad.

The Jew mind is laid out in orderly association, but you will notice how untouchable the Mosaad believes it is, by it's openness in a terror torn nation. A nation filled with spies and yet this residence is filled with non defensible position in arrogance of what Mosaad is.

There are points of interest in this Jew mind, which is different from European minds. The corner office which is the most important is the Secretary of the Commander. That is backwards, but in reverse Hebrew it is forward in how the mind thinks. The Jew enjoys their ping pong, which is quite Asian, and more so something an American could not comprehend, no more than soccer wasting a human's time.

Mosaad exists with open yards, guest parking and open roofs. This is Mideastern in nature in open courts where the women could stroll to not be raped by Muslims or Jews. In the modern era though these are missile penetration points or car bomb points. Again Mosaad's psychology is one of come and penetrate me violently as that is what I desire.

In that the forensic psychology arrives at the "guilty Jew" mind. Why do you think the holocaust works two generations after it was created as a propaganda tool to control Jews? It is because Jews all feel guilty, about the way their Talmud excuses the way they treat others, and everyone has heard the Jew stereotype of the Big Bang theory when MA is screaming in her Yiddish at Howard and his guilt complex. Jewish females have a PHD is making their children feel guilty about things and conning them into being their servants. That kind of psychological conditioning helps Mosaad control the diaspora as much as Tel Aviv, but it also has these Jewish katsa all wanting to be punished for their guilt. It is why that nonsense of the "apple of God's eye" is a mantra of the Jew. They really know their shit stinks as bad as the goy, but they keep lying to themselves and that produces this Jewish mentality of their wanting to be punished.

From the gnashing of the Jewicans typified by the Kushners in the White House who sell the President out for a buck, to the constant reports of these Orthodox slum lords resorting to "Fuck You" as their prayer words in cursing others in the White House, to the Tel Aviv measured and calculated, unemotional, weighing the souls in the balance, each manifests a self hatred, which is turned outward on others. In the Mideast where hate reigns supreme, that is festering sore which simply is a cancer eating everyone alive.

So you can see a little diagram reveals a great deal about psychology in messages the Mosaad is sending out to the Prime Minister, the the military by fucking their little girls, the Shaback to even the Jewish police which are routinely challenged to punish, torture and break young recruits. Yes beating Jewish recruits and terrorizing them is a conditioning technique to cement sociopathic actions and to touch that guilty Jew boy residing inside all Jewry.

Kind of odd is it not, that with all the Gaza missiles flying into Jewry for 50 years, that not one seems to have ever been aimed at the Mosaad. One would think that they would be a prime target in their openness, but then maybe the Mosaad with all of their black agents (Muslims) have a sort of symbiotic relationship, that if Mosaad is attacked, the bribes will stop, so attack the ghetto Jews behind their walls like the elders had the Nazi's accomplishing, as that way the control of the many Muslims continues by the armed few, who always seem to have myriads of weapons flowing to them without Mosaad being able to stop them, but all that danger keeps Mosaad as the power force in the Israeli state.

That sort of sound like what Victor Ostrovsky was hinting at in Mosaad assassinating the PLO peace delegates as peace was the last thing Mosaad wanted with the PLO.

Forensic psychology. Victor Ostrovsky is a moral man whose lessons just keep on teaching.

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