Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Cause of the California Wild Fires


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to Robert Kerbeck from Malibu California the other night, due to being sick with a sinus headache, binging on ibuprofen and soda, the soda to keep me from puking, so I could not get to sleep, but Mr. Kerbeck was speaking about the California fires, which I like most people, know something is up there but as I have not had any rich people, whose homes now have burned down, and they can not get insurance as their homes are burning anyway, being a poor sick orphan girl stuck taking care of a relative who is becoming more unpleasant, I simply do not have the time or energy to fix things in other people's lives or generate the energy to alleviate things in my other words, I have not inquired as to what the California Wild Fires are about, as those in power are lying about it all.

According to Mr. Kerbeck, there is an old Boeing nuclear facility there that went Chernobyl a number of years ago, so all that radioactive toxins are still in that dirt, and just got pumped into the downwind atmosphere, meaning tens of thousands of people are going to go John Wayne in getting lung cancers first and spreading to other soft tissue before they reach their three score and ten.

Odd how people in 750,000 dollar homes and people with lots of money, never can donate as they  think their cash wad will save them. Then comes the reckoning and what could have saved them was a little girl in the brier patch, but what is the value of their life eh?
Uncles life is worth 1 dollar an hour for taking care of him. Yes when the costs come due, they come due for screwing me over.

Anyway, I got up this morning as I had to get up as Dan was coming to fill our feeders....again that is Uncle's fault in screwing us over on land, money and me being screwed over by the rich here in not having things set up, because the rich have donated themselves into hell, but I got up and started doing an inquiry into the California wildfires, as what the matrix was pointing to.

It's really amazing when you know the answers as it is easy as the matrix knows all, if you know what to surf for. See some people thought it was Chicom satellites burning California up. Others thought terrorists...see I went through all this too as it was logical, as it just did not make sense, but it will soon all make sense.

According to Mr. Kerbeck, some very large developments were almost incinerated. You will notice that numbers of these fires are starting in remote areas. Kerbeck mentioned perhaps the power grid has just run it's life cycle, but if that is the case, when why are the great plains after 100 years, of old things not going brown our or burning up too?

We know that California has strong hot winds. These are not Santa Ana fires, but Santana or Satan fires, meaning hot as hell in Spanish. This is normal, but for some reason fires that used to burn things up naturally, are this year burning up everything and starting everywhere. I know the reason why and soon you will too, but you need to get your brains unfucked first, so you start thinking clearly.

Ok remember now that the California power company has been shutting down entire grids, because they said the grid was starting fires in the high winds.

Read that statement again, and THINK about this in what they are informing you.

Now ask yourself, why would a power company shut down an electric line really? No not for Santana winds, but the winds are involved, as much as record rains previously, grew vegetation, now dry from drought, which is California, making it easy burning.

Ok let me lead your brains, in asking you does electricity usually produce heat or cold? Is lightning hot or do you get frostbite? Ah yes, electricity is a warming agent, and it warms due to resistance. Resistance is found in wires, transformers, circuits and substations, which are essential to the grid, as are junction boxes to shut off power.

The excuse of shutting down the grid to save power which was the original thesis is bogus, as it requires ten times as much electricity to get a grid up and running again, as heavy users in fridges, ac units and home entertainment centers produce a heavy load when starting up.

So the matrix is telling a story in those waters, that the grid is heating up in California, where it is not heating up in other regions. So what could be resisting in the wires and equipment causing heat, fatiguing wires, and burning out circuits?

Now you don't suppose that California, like most Wall Street cheap ass conglomerates who are screwing Americans out of money, like Donald Trump in buying inferior Chinese steel for buildings, started in developments and upgrades, told South Korea, Japan and United States manufacturers to pound sand, and instead began installing inferior Chicom power cables, substations, transformers and circuits?
You don't suppose that these electronics like all things Chinese are shitty, that they do not last like America, Korean and Japanese hardware, because Chinese are all crooks, and you don't suppose that this shoddy shitty Chinese equipment, hidden in the grid, might function in Chinese temperatures ok, but that when it is exposed to 90 to 120 degree American summer temperatures, that they begin to burn up?

You don't suppose that is why California power is shutting down the grid, is because their circuits when running heavy loads to cool off homes, are making space heaters out of transformers and power cables out of Peking, which are dripping hot oil on tinder dry brush or breaking cables that fall into tinder and start fires now do you?

Mr. Kerbeck mentioned, that California power would rather fight lawsuits as it was cheaper than fixing the grid. There is evidence which is before everyone in there are lies about why the grid was shut down, and it has to do with record fires starting all over California. The matrix upon inquiry is pointing to shoddy Chicom infrastructure, knowingly installed on the cheap, which is burning down California, and the power companies will not admit what is going on, as this might start a revolution in California as for some reason people do not like being treated like rats and burned out of their homes.

All I have is the above link, and what inquiry indicated from the matrix. China has been active in the California power market since 2004 AD in the year of our Lord. Something is definitely wrong with the grid, and it is not particle beams or terrorists this time.
Coast to Coast is always harping about the US power grid being taken down by EMP. Others alarm about Chinese hackers. What if the problem is before us, in it is more of this shitty Chinese manufactured products, hidden away and what is manifesting are fires started all across California.

What is taking place is being covered up by the real cartel in power. There are lies being told to cover up what is really happening, and the matrix pointing to this answer is the placed to investigate this and start.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We shall see how long this takes to be plagiarized by the all knowing experts of the internet.

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