Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Russians Are Learning


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Considering it was London Banking which brought about the mass murder of Czarist Russia in a Jewish feud of New York and European banking families in the Schiff and Rothschild, the Russians have had a rather slow learning curve, but appear under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin to have seized upon certainties in the projection of power, that as the Lame Cherry has shown, even for lack of effort, the Spanish, French and Germans  all attempted the London crossing that Rome and the Normans did with success, were vanquished in not destroying England first.

Member Of Russian Parliament Says
'London Will Be Bombed First'

For those not paying attention, England has been instigating this war in Ukraine with Russia to get Russia back under banking control. They tried to get Poland and Russia to be involved in a tripwire war for NATO, and now are under the auspices of Co Opted Washington DC, to form a London, Poland and other worthless fodder nations to begin World War IV.

The cartel intends the Slavics to be fodder in this war as in previous set ups of war. Russia though is looking at this as war, because that is what it is. In all wars, it was the power that controlled England which ruled the world. Those who succeeded ruled for centuries. Those who failed were ruled for centuries.

This is war. This is a chess board. This is all about position. Gain position and that party rules.  There are always key positions. Ukraine is a key position against Russia as is Bessarabia. For Russia, Ukraine is key position for defense as is Georgia. Think of those as invasion points.

Now project this for Russia in what is the key point to stop assembly against Russia and that invasion. As you already area aware in the above Russian statement, England is the key to protecting Russia. Remove England as an assembly point and Russia has a firewall, Russia holds the bridgehead, Russia unplugs the life line from the bankrupt Americans. England survives by oceans and air. Take the ports away and England ceases. England ceases and the threats cease against Russia.

The way Russia would "bomb": England, is part of the Russian learning curve. Adolf Hitler failed in bombing England, as bombing a city is not eliminating the ports. The modern elimination as implemented by the Americans is nuclear arms. 

Japan succumbed to nuclear arms not from the arms, but the threat of those arms eliminating the Japanese populace one city at a time. Japan had not any back up population. England does. England has American, Commonwealth and the United States.  Therefore the necessity is to eliminate the ports of England in a permanent outcome. Uranium is safe in a few weeks. Plutonium is a bit longer to become safe. Cobalt is five years. Logic would dictate that Russia would pollute England with cobalt, and therefore end the importation of fighting primates to stage an invasion from England to enter the invasion points into Russia.

The Russians appear to be learning Long Ball. The Russians are ruthless as Afghanistan and Chechnya proved. Russia failed in terrain in Afghanistan and succeeded in terrain in Chechnya.  Removal of England ends invasion point and ends resupply.

Russia understands the cartel is taking out the United States, for a central European rule as London plays both ends to eliminate Europe, Russia and China in crippling the United States so all competitors are neutralized. Russia is playing the clock in calculating it can survive if China and America fight, before Europe can arm, and that will leave London banking which Russia will destroy without extreme prejudice.
Russia in taking time in Ukraine reveals it can play the odds. It is dangerous  even if it understands the fail safe option is eliminating England if the gambit does not work.

What you should comprehend now is what the Lame Cherry wrote months ago on Long Ball, is now a working reality. If Ukraine does not work for Russia's benefit, the next steps for Russia are closing the close invasion points in Slavic lands with nuclear options and with eliminating England first with nuclear options.

Do you feel powerful now in knowing the future events before they happen like a popular girl who lives in the future or are you still afraid of pretending you are more superior than the Lame Cherry who knows all by God's Grace.

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