Wednesday, August 10, 2022


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

At one time Texas agriculture ruled America as much as Texas oil. When Bush43 took control, once again Texas was placed in a dominant role and beef prices soared. As this blog has noted in Goldman Sachs and other conglomerates absorbing the lesser Jewish firms, a new order is being established, and just as the Northwest in America and Canada was depleted of beef cattle in the HAARP drought of 2021 AD in the year of our Lord, thee American southwest is now being dried out by this enhanced HAARP drought.

Meet you on the other side.

Jun 16, 2022 ... Texas' strategy of planning for a repeat of the 1950s drought is no longer ... and affected the entire American southwest including Texas.

Jun 23, 2022 ... Drought has become familiar to people living throughout the American SouthwestTexas is no exception, with another dry, hot summer on the ...

May 31, 2022 ... Drought-affected parts of western Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas have had below-average precipitation for the month. Fire risk. Because of heat and ...

Jun 29, 2020 ... 2.3 Climate Interactions Affecting Drought ... models in Texas are stronger in winter toward the southwest and stronger in summer toward the ...

May 25, 2022 ... Texas drought strengthens its grip, triggering wildfires, ... than 90% of Texas, according to the U.S. drought monitor, affecting more than ...

Texas has not had any appreciable rain for two months, it has 100 plus degree temperatures and ranchers in the north have been selling off their herds.

For the morons who say this is cyclical, they do not understand that the American beef herds have been selling off for decades. Before when one region had drought, cattle would be available to more quickly expand herds again. That is no longer the case. and do not think that just because Florida produces lots of beef that this is going to protect Florida.

For years this cartel has been attempting to stop land ownership in America. I was tracking this in the Buffalo Commons period when the propaganda wanted cattle gone and buffalo grazing on the land. I traced the parties behind this into South America.........and there the trail went cold.

We are now at that Bill Gates point, that Gates built tube grown protein, has warehouses full of it, and it will be what is dumped onto people who are starving in America to get them weaned off of the real beef which only the elite will eat.

When this rough and arid land does not have cattle on it, it loses it's ability to pay high real estate taxes and will be absorbed just like the Jewish carpetbaggers entered the South after the Civil War. The means to pay of this land is being removed. Just be aware what is taking place as this is all connected. At this point the Fed finance, is farming America for the Chicoms. It is why there is not quality food available in American groceries any more as China was allowed to buy up the quality produce, ship it to China while American get these grapefruit which are culls the size of baseballs. Oranges are bigger than grapefruit in the stores in the Brier.

This is opening on all fronts. You are going to have to have been prepared as the door of this is closing. For the record, as long as they do not force vaxes on you, by all means when food handouts take place, get in line and take the food. You do not eat it, you feed it to pets or trade it, for the reason you do not want to be the person who AI tracks to probably having  cache of food as you do not take the handouts for the starving.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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