Sunday, November 27, 2022

Keep Woke

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are some facts about Twitter which require the public's attention as the media is not presenting all the facts on Twitter.

Musk fired over 4000 outside contractors this past week, most of them employed as moderators.  NBC's message is relatively clear:  Free speech is a negative.  And, such an ideal being applied at Twitter overshadows the great harm being done to the poor innocent leftist employees who were doing God's work by protecting platform users from unfiltered discussions.

In the above NBC report on the 4000 fired Twitter employees, NBC has presented the face of White Priv. The reality is that most of the people fired at Twitter were a select group of Indians from Asia. Another select group of Jewry was not fire, and all of these high level positions were retained, due to the ADL holding terroristic threats against Elon Musk of a global embargo if they were fired.

We know this as a fact as immediately after the firing of the Swammie, there were stories reporting the problems these H1B Visa holders had in not keeping those high tech jobs, which woke corporations underpay so they can underpay other established races in the field.

I do not know what gender that creature is above, as it looks like one of the stars of Led Zepplin after a Woodstock type event without showers and lots of humanity, lost in an LSD maze, but the reality is this person of '"white" skin colour is not the face of the 4000 Twitter employees who were fired.

There have been strange shifts in the field of high tech in  their wokeness, in some like Facebook have gone into a panic in the leadership is opening Facebook back up to public surfing of information and other areas like Google have actually expanded censorship, from search engines to blogs.

It is all the more bizarre as Dictator Biden lurches the world close to nuclear world war, and these still employed at the high tech are busy looking for words to censor people over.

No one is asking as it should be asked in why the democrats while still in control of Congress, or Dictator Biden in control of Homeland has not made emergency declarations for these Asian Indians to remain in the United States. Why is it that the Indian which has been the slave trade backbone of high tech in America, are not afforded the same political clout that the ADL has produced for Jewry?

The Lame Cherry does not want to see anyone fired, as it sucks before Christian holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but when one sees the prejudice, bias and semitism involved in this, and it is not being addressed, it exposes a problem in high tech industries in just how not woke they are.

One can read the tea leaves of high tech, that the Obama NSA funding has been pulled across the board. Whatever reason that Walmart was pulled by the short and curlies, earlier this year, Walmart is proposing record earnings in a recession. That is not the case, that is the NSA purchasing from Walmart again, and doing so at the expense of the high tech groups which are being cut off, namely Twitter and Facebook.

Obama did this to television media to promote homosexualty by pocketbook force. It appear the same leverage under Bidencon is now focused on bringing the high tech into submission to whatever new pedophile agenda is about to appear.

There are going to be further contractions in all of this for the foreign workers in tech. Jewry will keep their positions, White Priv will be maintained as someone needs to do the work, as Chinese Asians are being cut off by Bidencon.

None of this expose' champions the Asian Indian as competent. If one has any experience with ATT, it is cringeworthy as their sweatshops in India who clients call, have a host of screaming children, chickens or dogs barking, with people who have no tech experience, only read talking points, and then hang up when they can not solve the problem and move onto the next sucker.

It is different in trolls examining words which provoke them. Not that racism is a problem if the words are Christophobic or if Indians are being fired in mass. If their choice in existence is apparently under scrutiny, then that is what is censored. There is zero reason or rhyme in any of it.

If you would like an example, when I was on Facebook, I conducted an experiment helped along with bed fuzz trolls, in I posted a great deal of content there, without a hitch. When I started posting how pervert Mark Zuckerberg is, with his being half naked or dancing like a freak at weddings, that is what set off Facebook. So you see saying things that could be racist did not matter. What matter was Zuckerberg's ego. What matters now is 'not questioning the free and fair elections in America", just as what mattered when Dr. Anthony Fauci was getting people killed in the plague did not matter as we were to all line up and get vaxed.

Twitter exposes a huge problem in all of this in it is not AI which generates quite right wing thinking. It is 4000 trolls were employed, just as at Facebook and Google apparently, meaning the AI's are not capable of the same flagging that the NSA pretends is so kosher to catch everyone being bad. It takes people being paid money to spy on other people and so empowered, as long as they are attacking people "not of the mindset" they can censor them. It is no wonder that Twitter was plunging into nothingness as they were 4000 people there with 4000 different self promotion and hate, cleansing that site. You get 4000 trolls taking things down and there is nothing left but the most putrid of Stephen King types.

What though of poor Swammie? Now without a job, the way White Priv was fired out of Disney under Obama and no one said a word then either. Disney is imploding now too. What of these woke prejudices and biases which are so ruinous to the profit margin and public acceptance that their finances go red and the platforms are no more?

I could post anti Christian, Chistophobe stuff here every and I would never get a warning or anything taken down because the censors here are all Christophobes. Post about other things that are the talking points to mind society with, and this blog gets censored.

Why is no one writing about the fired Indians of Asia? Why in a woke world are they expendable? We know the answer to that, but the question needs to be posted and it needs to be answered in why certain peoples are expendable and certain other peoples can say and do anything they want.

4 days ago ... Most of them work in the US because of the HI-B visa. It's a non-immigrant visa that allows firms to employ foreigners for up to six years in ...

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