Thursday, January 19, 2023

That Church Committee: Law West of the Potomac


Law West of the Potomac

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the Lame Cherry broke the exclusive of the Church Committee appearing again in the House of Representatives,  do not get Jan6 caught up in sticking your necks out in what is about to transpire. Keep your mouths shut, pay your taxes, obey the laws and do not overlook that once this is done, the tides of battle will turn against you again.

This festering cancerous gangrenized pustule which has gone septic infused with the corpses of LaVoy Finnicum and Ashli Babbitt, is about to be lanced, cauterized and the entire arm amputated by our own, so we will cheer for retribution for our political prisoners and not understand this was Webster Griffin Tarpley's ignorant prophecy of what would rule America. We will all be compelled to be DIA operative, Michael Flynn's christian army with this scorched earth inquisition.

- Lame Cherry.

You have been handed a victory by someone. This is an installation for a continuing of the purpose.

“Back of the envelope math: 15/21 Republicans returning to the Oversight Committee voted to overturn election results in 2020. 14/18 Republicans returning to the Judiciary Committee votes to overturn election results as well,” Kyle Cheney from Politico reported, including Boebert. 

Media reports show that sometime on Tuesday, the Colorado Republican landed a spot on the coveted and influential House Oversight Committee, having been assigned the seat by the McCarthy-led House Steering Committee.

Newsweek reported, “The appointment gives the outspoken Colorado Republican outsized influence on looming investigations into three-letter agencies like the CIA and FBI that McCarthy—whom Boebert vocally opposed for the speaker post—had hinted at in the lead-up to Republicans taking the majority this past November.”

The best place to hide in mayhem and chaos is in the mayhem and chaos.

- Lame Cherry