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There is a Puzzle

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I first heard about this on and it was puzzling as real estate policies for insurance and then airlines were changing policy over flyer miles.

Read the quote from Armstrong and I will meet you on the other side.

Some insurance companies are altering their policies for corporations and business interruptions, which seems to be in anticipation of government lockdowns for climate change under the label “weather events.” The government seems to be preparing for new lockdowns under the pretense of climate change this summer.  It appears that they are preparing to restrict travel starting from early to mid-June.  This appears to be part of the agenda being orchestrated to prevent people from traveling for vacations using climate change as an excuse. This is part of a covert action along with the hyping of bird flu to ramp up restrictions and to force more justification for mail-in ballots as they did using COVID.

Yes there is this fake Bird Bug. Yes this is this fake climate con. The Lame Cherry though is going to walk you through an intelligence analysis of this, as  this is what contractors and people who sift through data and intelligence do.

In thee above the two base factors are changes in policies, changes in costs for insurance, and changes in responsibility by corporations in air and insurance.

These changes are for protecting insurance and airlines from bankruptcy from some event or events which are out there. The thoughts of Armstrong are Bird Flu, Climate Change and the Trump elections.

The Lame Cherry assessment concludes the above conclusions are wrong.

The insurance companies and airlines are the ones red flagging this. This is not the Teamsters for trucking, no more than Peterbilt for trucking, no more than Cosco cargo ships, no more than the Commerce alerting Yellowstone to prepare for zero visitors. We are not seeing widespread alerts for Walmart not being able to get in Chinese tuna.

So what is really going on?

What are the factors in the above. Airliners and homeowners who would file claims on damages to their property. We have the window in early to mid June. This same window appears in the European seers who mentioned the time of the cherry blossoms.

Whatever the events, there are two certainties. Air travel is suppressed. Homeowners have damages. The nation is functioning yet, except for these two realities.

What this projects is a scenario where something either interupts fuel for airlines or airlines are such a danger they are not allowed to fly. If one correlates the two in homeowner damages in large levels and airlines either not having fuel or are a threat, it would mean that some event cuts off fuel supply or some event makes airlines dangerous to America, and factoring in the homeowner damage, that would link the damage comes from an airliner or airliners, because if this was fuel alone, fuel shortages do not damage people's property

Therefore the assessment projects one conclusion, that there will be in June 2024 AD in the year of our Lord, an event or series of events, involving airliners, which cause widespread damage to American homeowners in such great insurance numbers, involving stated nuclear links in the updates, which would bankrupt insurance companies.
The scenario which would project is that someone is going to fly, one or more airliners into America, loaded with nuclear devices which will detonate in one or more location, causing damages of a great extent.

This in turn will cause these policies to be negated and the airlines will be grounded as air travel will be judged a national security risk by Homeland.

Another Insurance Carrier Adds 'War Exclusion’
To Policies As WW3 Looms

The analysis of climate con, elections and bird bug, would not match the above data, as homeowners i COVID 19 did not suffer property damage. Could insurance companies be factoring in riots in these invaders, yes, but there would necessitate some trigger event to cause this kind of ending of law and order, and again, this is not the golden lanes of cities targeted by the cartel in the Obama BLM riots, so homeowners would being armed, band together and protect their homes as is always the case. This therefore then must be an event which homeowners can not protect themselves with guns with.
HAARP is not a factor as America has been beat to a pulp by HAARP and it has not shut down airlines or caused the kind of damages which a June tornado season would.

Therefore the conclusion is that what the airlines and insurance companies are prepared for is bin Laden type WMD airliners being flown in to America in early June which will bring a travel shutdown and areas of great damage which will cancel insurance claims due to nuclear exceptions.

It is what the data indicates.

As airlines burn kerosene, that is not gasoline or diesel or propane. It is logical to expect rationing of all goods, so again be prepared, get your back up replacements and keep calm and cherry on as Lame Cherry is writing.

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