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When the Trump hits der Fächer

Ich treffe mich mit unserem zweitwichtigsten Handelspartner.

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As I type this 11 days before Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the leader of Austria and the European Super State is to arrive in Washington DC, with the entire Viennese ministry for private talks with President Donald Trump  and the entire United States cabinet in bi lateral Austrian and American relations, I feel nauseated at stomach and heart, as the signs I am witnessing leading up to this from the Americans, are screaming that this is not going to turn out well.

In the lead up to this, the United States has been conducting a CIA coup in Venezuela, not for South American or American interests, but once again for the financial control of the oil and dope in Venezuela money laundering.
Chancellor Kurz along with the European houses announced support for this remedy, as under Obama the cocaine traffic was handed over to al Qaedda, via Africa, for a direct pipeline into the Balkans for the European financial houses of Rothschild.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Someone Told Me Long Ago, There's A Calm Before The Storm 


At this moment, as the Prime Minister of Japan will be in Washington DC, five days previous to Chancellor Kurz's arrival which is long overdue, do to his being the most powerful man in the world, who has been shunned by President Donald Trump and his ignorant advisers, much to the discontent of the Chancellor, the President of the United States is showing a complete lack of sense for as he is holding out his hand to the Chancellor, the President has dispatched Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Europe, on a mission to undercut Austrian influence in the Hungarian Slavic states, to pole them against Russia.
The greatest trading partner Austria has is Russia. The Chancellor's personal friend is President Vladimir Putin, and behind Austria's back, the President of the United States is committing intrigue against the European Super State, in endangering Europe stability and a direct action to undermine Chancellor Sebastian Kurz's leadership.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is not a fool, nor are the Habsburgs. They were already most displeased in the mistreatment by President Trump and his staff in rebuffing the offer of Kurz for a Vienna Summit for President Trump and President Putin, and now on the run up to the most important meeting Donald Trump and the United States will literally ever have, the United States has just bitch slapped Austria.
This is why I am sickened by this, but for the donors and the LEGITIMATE poor who can not afford to donate and are  not lying to God about it, continue reading on, as for the rest of you deadbeats, stop adding to the Judgment of the Great White Throne against you by stealing from the Holy Ghost in content here.

Pompeo visiting 5 Europe nations
Pompeo was scheduled to leave Sunday on a five-nation tour of Europe. In Hungary and Slovakia, he is scheduled to stress the importance of …

The United States has attempted in Trump liquid gas to Europe, to disrupt Russian pipelines and therefore European stability and security, because if Russia is not selling energy to Europe, then Europe becomes a competitor to invade. This is a most precarious of situations and while Mike Pompeo is attempting to undercut Austria, the United States has suddenly seen the light after Obama was using US troops to protect the Afghanistan opium crop for Europe, to now want to make peace with the Taliban who were involved with 9 11 and Sheik bin Laden.
Mike Pompeo is though not involved in this diplomacy. No this is the acting Secretary of Defense negotiating with the Taliban to turn power over to them, providing Americans interests are not endangered. Someone is using the poppy as a bargaining chip against the European blackmarket cartel, which is the only reason Europe is solvent. In short, this is a direct financial attack upon the Europeans, which is the group that Chancellor Sebastian Kurz now leads.

U.S.-Taliban talks hint at change in Afghanistan. Here's why ...

Jan 28, 2019 · Now a new round of talks with the Taliban has raised hopes that an end to the war could finally be in sight. ... then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates suggested that ... But talks between the United ...

So with all of this going on, out of the blue President Donald Trump suddenly sees the light to invite the most powerful man in the world, Sebastian Kurz to the White House for high level  talks of both governments.

The problem in this is Gayway Pundit is noted for breaking this story. Now why would Gayway Jim Hoft personally be breaking a story as no one but this blog has focused upon the dynamics of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz?

The answer is the White House, and who Gayway has been apart of from the beginning of this in Kushner Media who has been leaking to them from the start of this.
I will be frank in this, as I have hinted in the stories about the Missing Link exclusively covered here, that there is another schism involved in this, involving Jerome Corsi under indictment and his attorney Larry Klayman. What surprised everyone is the right wing in select underlings began smearing Corsi and Klayman which was a mystery. This culminated in a direct set up by Newsmax TV led by Trump Clinton crony,  in a Gayway Pundit directly slung mud at Corsi and Klayman to discredit them.
Corsi and Klayman have a lawsuit against Robert Mueller and the key is that lawsuit which involves the Missing Link, and more importantly the shadowy world of what was Wikileaks and Guciffer 2.0 in leaks. As it is evident someone wants to smear Corsi and Klayman and that is coming from Gayway Pundit. As I have stated, there is something involved in this which is feared by someone that is going to be made public if Corsi and Klayman keep digging in this lawsuit.
To cut to the point, this is Kushner media, going after Corsi and Klayman in attempting to discredit and shut them up.

The Gateway Pundit: Popular Austrian Leader Sebastian Kurz ...

Popular Austrian Leader Sebastian Kurz Will Visit President Trump at White House in Late February For the first time since Prime Minister Schüssel visited the Bush White House in 2005, an Austrian Chancellor will again visit Washington DC this month.

 The key to all of this is something which this blog broke in August 2016 after the Republican Convention, where the Kushners strangely jetted off for a vacation on fag David Geflen's yacht with Wendi Murdoch, a Chicom operative who was sleeping with Vladimir Putin. The Kushners were in the Balkans and soon enough Vice President Joe Biden appeared in the Balkans too, the same region which the dialect of Guciffer 2.0 seemed to be in nativity with, no matter how many fingers point to the Russian military by the Mueller investigation.

It is this entire Jared Kushner finance, which has been in bed with Jewish Russian mafia interests laundering money into New York real estate, in the same groups that Michael Cohen, in Mr. Trump's personal attorney, that Congressman Adam Schiff is now opening a new investigation into Jared Kushner interesting financial deals with the German Deutsch Bank which has Russian related interests.
I warned all of you that this was going to come back to the Kusnhers and now Adam Schiff is ploughing ahead in control of the House, that Mike Pence and the RNC handed over to democrats in election fraud as Trump's own people ran in primaries to destroy Conservative Christian Republicans like Chantel Krebs of South Dakota, for another Pencestate GOPliter to be elected to Congress.


These criminal money deals have been known for sometime, and as Jared Kushner has been a cooperating witness with Robert Mueller, the Kushner's have saved themselves up until now. Do not throw hate at Adam Schiff, even if he is a deep state stooge. He is doing his job now and he would not be focused on the Germans if Jared Kushner had not brought this rot into the Trump family.

Jared Kushner's Firm Tied to "Suspicious Transactions" at ...

Jared Kushner's Firm Tied to "Suspicious Transactions" at German Bank Deutsche Bank notified German regulators, and Robert Mueller will likely be given the reports.

There is smoke here, real smoke as Ivanka Trump was getting grilled on this in the press, and it appeared in the major outlets, which is Mockingbird. Robert Mueller has turned up the heat in this investigation and it is going whole hog on the Kushner's now in leverage against President Donald Trump. This is why the President in the State of  the Union ranted that bizarre outburst against Adam Schiff in opening unwarranted investigations. The President is attempting to protect the Princess, because this is where the dirt is and it all trails back to where this all started in Russian money that the cartel was cheated out of.

In the Lame Cherry assessment of all of this, I have attempted time and again to alert Donald Trump's outsider sources to the necessity of dealing with Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. The President in Pencestate has blundered it all, and now for the part which makes me absolutely sick to my stomach and heart as I can see where this is going, as the reason Sebastian Kurz has been invited to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, after the President in being outmaneuvered by Chancellor Kurz from Russia to Asia to Africa for the coming European Super State dominating the world, ranted, "I don't care about Europe!", reveals that the United States now has two competing interests still leading Donald Trump around on a leash who now  think they can use Chancellor Sebastian Kurz for cover in the crimes which have been committed.

The Kushners are behind this to appease the Europeans in the hope they will not divulge from the Motherland of Austria and the Fatherland of Germany the secrets they have which will expose what the Kushners were involved in with Russian money and that August 2016 trip to the Balkans.
The Mike Pompeo big energy interests using HAARP to freeze Americans to death for profit, ignorantly think they can cut off Afghanistan poppy to pressure Europe, while leveraging Hungary, Poland, Slovakia etc... to betray Sebastian Kurz for United States liquid gas bribes.

This should be making each of you ill feeling now as this dawns on you that the Austrian Hungarian leadership has 1000 years of diplomatic genius and they have already seen through what the Americans Administration is involved in.  They will take offense at it as they should and in that, after the Trump presidency degraded Austria over the Vienna Summit, they have now embarked to save Ivanka and Jared, invited the Austrians to dinner, as Mike Pompeo and big energy tries to shatter Europe, which will lead to war between Russia and Europe of absolute scorched earth.

The Austrians are not going to be deceived and what happens in Washington DC is going to be a prelude to World War. No one yet understands this in the United States in all her history has not ever hosted a power like Sebastian Kurz. At this moment in time, I am not stating that Sebastian Kurz is an Adolf Hitler, but for the magnitude that der Fuhrer influenced the world, what is taking place is even larger than if Franklin Roosevelt had met with Adolf Hitler in the year of 1940 AD in the year of our Lord.
None of you are ever going to have a window to something this large ever again, as it will never occur again. This is it, and the ignorance of all, will not have this featured anywhere as it should.

In going into this cataclysmic meeting the Americans are coming forward with filthy oil lucre and trying to save their criminal Kushner children. I can not stress the offense that the German in Sebastian will have inside of him if this ill conceived street swindler policy is presented.
As I have attempted to lay out in Lame Cherry exclusives is the reality that Austria does not need America. Europe does not need America. The fact of how the Habsburgs with Chancellor Kurz have created an African consumer group, a European technological and military center of finance with partnership with the Indochinese, all without a thought of the Americans, proves how absolutely inconsequential the United States is in the Kurz Paradigm. Europe is the super power future. The United States is the rotting corpse of the British empire of 1940.

American policy must not be made based upon Saudi loans to American oil rapine of looting Americans of their energy, freezing them with HAARP to make them buy that oil and gas, and projecting that into Europe against Russia and against the European Super Power which Sebastian Kurz has fathered, all overlaid with the darling Jarvanka trying to work another deal to save themselves.
For the Trump outsiders still in contact with President and who are educated by this blog, this is the time their influence must be brought to the President and urge him to not continue on with this horrid scheme, as when this is initiated, the least of this President's concerns will be the Kushners indicted or big energy upset they will only have the American market to sell to, because up to this point Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has been restrained over the American blundering. He has only trolled this President as the Chancellor moves on with establishing a world without the United States. If this meeting goes bad, and it will based on what the United States is involved in cutting off the poppy and attempting to disrupt Vienna, the United States will find that Europe will become not a neutral, but an active participant in the driving of the United States from Eurasia, Africa and South America, with the created protagonists of Russia and China.

In 1940, the German Wehrmacht warned Adolf Hitler to keep Russia as a friend. The case is now in the warning to the United States, to not make an enemy of Austria as the United States will be crushed as certainly as Berlin was in the advent of the war which expanded on shortsighted political agendas for the socialist state.

Donald I told Hitler his idea was stupid too.


Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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