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The Missing Brink

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There are most interesting revelations on the Missing Link in the Russia Dossier affair, with Attorney Larry Klayman and his client Jerome Corsi, breaking their silence in a Washington Examiner story, which is predated by a massive smear of Klayman and Corsi which arose twice, once from Kushner Media in Gayway Pundit and another bizarre incident to damage their reputation of what seemed the right tearing itself to shreds.

Rumors had it that Roger Stone or someone connected to him was pressuring Corsi in providing surveillance and the poison pen, but whatever the  rumors or realities, the name MISSING LINK came up in the Examiner story.
In this version, Robert Mueller supposedly thought that Jerome Corsi was the Missing Link between Roger Stone and Wikileaks. Jerome Corsi politically is a libertarian, which has him mixing with a leftist "get Hillary crowd" of Jewish Seth Rich who was murdered, copying DNC files and having connections to the Mueller targeted Russian military who they said was Guciffer 2.0 but in all of this scratching the surface looked more like Theresa May's  MI6 with a distinctive Mossad back flavor.
The idea that Jerome Corsi would be trusted by British Fascist and Obama Marxists to feed information to Wikileaks and Roger Stone is absolutely ridiculous.

For months, Corsi looked like the missing link between Stone and Assange, who published Democratic emails allegedly hacked by Russia.

Attorney Larry Klayman though revealed his strategy to save Jerome Corsi in grabbing hold of Robert Mueller and his team, suing them and filing complaints against them. The net result was that punch to the face got Jerome Corsi unindicted, while Roger Stone who was nuancing the situation, a 6 AM underwear call from the FBI to intimidate everyone.

He is a rare example of a subject in Mueller's two-year-probe flouting prosecutors and then avoiding charges. Others, such as Trump adviser Roger Stone, flouted Mueller and were subsequently indicted.
"The moral to the story is a good defense is a good offense," said Corsi's attorney Larry Klayman. "We brought a bar complaint against [Mueller] and his prosecutors, and we sued him for $350 million for violating Jerry's constitutional rights. Mueller came to the conclusion it wasn't worth it to string Jerry up."
"It's like when you put the bar on your steering wheel. The crook goes and steals another car," Klayman said. "You have to understand how Washington works, and you have to be street-smart."

In all of this though, there remains the fact that Jerome Corsi was not the missing link. Therefore Robert Mueller should have still been looking for the missing link, instead of shutting down the investigation. Unless of course this blog in focusing on the Missing Link, is what caused the investigation to close down.

It has been deduced here that Robert Mueller was protecting the Missing Link in already knowing this entity's identity. That is what this entire investigation was about, in discovering who knew and who did not know who the Missing Link was.

If you look at every one of the indictments by Robert Mueller and his team, they all center on one thing, and it was who was leaking information to George Papadopoulos, Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort.
 Manafort was nailed on old charges of finances, but the other centered on Wikilleaks information  in Stone and information on dirt on Hillary Clinton in Papadopolous' case.

Papadopoulos eventually agreed to plead guilty to making false statements to the FBI about his contacts with Russians during the campaign, apparently as part of a cooperation deal. The document contains the rather remarkable revelation that all the way back in April 2016, Papadopoulos was told by a foreign professor with Russian government connections that the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton

There were not any Russians in Papadopoulos case. What there was, was the mysterious Maltese professor run by MI6 and that vanished Stefan Halper who was working for John Brennan with an FBI cover for an illegal CIA operation on the Trump campaign.

All this goes back to the supporters of Marco Rubio, in fag billionaire Paul Singer paying for Pissgate Dossiers, hired by William Kristol's son in law as Washington Free  Beacon to #NeverTrump, so Rubio would be Jeb Bush's Vice Presidential pick.

Manafort was engaged with Russians in trying to get them to fund right wing political groups in America and Europe. He was the original Steve Bannon mould.

With Roger Stone, no one knows yet what he rubbed against, but that Wikileaks link is what set things off.

If one notes the common core of this in Papadopoulos it is MI6, CIA and Mossad.  Corsi states he figured this all out on his own and was not connected to the leftists who were bringing down Hillary Clinton. Stone again was Wikilleaks.

If one observes the concentric circles and the patterns, what emerges is there was a missing link who was not Seth Rich, who had the hidden files on Hillary Clinton, who was either not supposed to have those files or was supposed to be leaking them. The backdrop of this was an organized operation to taint Donald Trump as a Russian asset, with the linking of these fictional Russians who were all MI6 assets with the Mossad hovering in the background.

Robert Mueller by his shutting down the investigation appears to have known who the Missing Link was from the start, and was protecting that deep state operative, hence Robert Mueller, the Protector of America.

Robert Mueller: Protector of America

Who is the entity of the Missing Link? Several people have been smashed for coming into contact with the entity to silence them. Jerome Corsi became too expensive to deal with. Others in the incestuous John  the hero McCain, Lindsey gay ear Graham and Marco sweaty hands Rubio's sphere of supporters were early contacts in this. We know this, because Donald Trump's closest friend in Thomas Barrack and his lovely wife, were approached by several contacts as has been reported in the media, led by Roger Stone, to get Paul Manafort involved in Trump sphere, in order to kick what would become the Mueller Investigation into gear on the Russian connections.

There are people out there who have ideas who this Missing link is, in the McCain, Graham and Rubio mafia, and they were never interviewed by Robert Mueller or his investigators. That is protection and it will hold unless another Special Counsel appears who starts probing not just Hillary Clinton, but exactly who it was  that has the Clinton files and set up what evolved  into Pissgate.

It appears that Attorney Larry Klayman's lawsuit was not the monetary part, but the reality of what this blog stated in Larry Klayman is a real data miner, and if a court case proceeded, he was going to uncover what Robert Mueller was really engaged in, in the Missing Link.

That is what all of this assembled published accounts point to. Those who backed Robert Mueller are either going to get Corsi's case dismissed or are going to settle this is the logical conclusion, as the last thing they want is Larry Klayman data mining and finding the Missing Link.

It seems in the gay ear has found religion. I wonder who the Carolina Mafia is protecting to stick a shiv into John the hero McCain's cadaver.

Lindsey Graham 2.0 Says McCain’s Staff to Blame for Steele Dossier Abuses: ‘Took a Piece of Garbage and Tried to Go After Trump’

We have not entered the Twilight Zone.

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