Monday, April 29, 2019

Trump Tells NRA To Get Their Shit Together After Reading Lame Cherry

You are one crooked bastard LaPierre....


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is pleased that Donald Trump, after having a phone thrown at him at the Mike Pence Indianapolis NRA Convention, took the advice of the Lame Cherry in calling the NRA a corrupt cesspool that the New York liberals are in process of destroying.

NRA and tells gun lobby to 'get its act together' after Oliver North is forced out after accusing other executives of graft

The Lame Cherry alerted all of you to the upheaval in this corrupt gun grabbing organization and now in a cage match the corrupt Wayne LaPierre of the Deep State has thrown out Oliver North of the Deep State after North tried to blackmail LaPierre and force LaPierre out for being a crook.

It was a real nasty cage match of stealing the NRA membership dues, funneling them to a PR firm which then was handing out graft to NRA leadership and their families.

The angry dispute among the NRA's leadership spilled into the open last week. Some of it involved the group's lawsuit against PR firm Ackerman McQueen that has banked millions providing services to the pro-gun group.

Of course my readers knew this was coming, and it is a good thing that Stephen Miller hands the Lame Cherry to the President personally, so Donald Trump will get ahead of the issues each day.

The NRA Deep State Money Laundering Criminal Enterprise

It is the tireless work of Jeff Knox though as the whistleblower  of NRA corruption who deserves all the credit, and of course Inspiration by God

Oh and one more thing for President Trump in his Russiagate. Who was it but the NRA which was doing Russian outreach and rammed that right into Trump campaign, and Jared Kushner handed Don jr. over to Robert Mueller as a cooperating was all Deep State Wayne LaPierre who has been involved in Ruskiziation of the NRA and tainting Don Sr and Don Jr.

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