Saturday, July 20, 2019

Nancy Pelosi is helping Donald Trump

I've got a place for you in Trump brands, Ivanka is
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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been observing "Go Back Where They Came From" comment from Donald Trump's twitter account. The fact is Mr. Trump had nothing to do with this other than name only like all things on his twitter.

Oh this is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter to point reality out to you.

Once again, this is all Webster Griffin Tarpley's revelation that the democratic party is being split into two parts, the communist under Ocasio Cortez and corpse Obama, with the Pelosi Trump wing as the GOP becomes a Green third type party.

What caught my attention in the Pelosi giggling press conference. was that this all started with the Dan Scavino tweet, which was organized from Mitch McConnell, to House Representatives turning the Pelosi condemnation of Donald Trump into an inept fiasco, as she broke House rules in using the word "racist" concerning Donald Trump.

Pelosi says Trump is a 'master of diversion' - YouTube
At a press conference on Thursday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi reaffirmed her commitment that any federal funding towards a border wall would be a nonstarter for Democrats. She said "a wall is an ...

 It was the Pelosi revelation that Donald Trump was a MASTER OF DIVERSION, which proves that Speaker Pelosi knew that Donald Trump was not a racist, but was using a political ploy to get democrats to ally themselves with the Skirt Squad led by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the CIA asset, who have a 70% disapproval level from Americans.....and Nancy Pelosi rose to defend a group that 70% of Americans hate? Which will destroy democrats presidential and congressional in 2020........and Pelosi knows this and still led her party to this defeat.

Why? She has the same orders Donald Trump has, and Nancy Pelosi is helping to hand over the socialist wing of the democratic party to Donald Trump, just as  Webster Griffin Tarpley said would take place. Granted his version was it was Hillary Clinton in control, but the original plan is being implemented, and Mr. Trump has now agreed to be Nancy Pelosi.

So Nancy Pelosi knew Donald Trump was not a racist, but unleashed on him anyway. She knew that she was going to be challenged by Rep. Doug Collins as Collins revealed he is part of this ordained mission of the elite.
Newt Gingrich was enlisted as part of this political operation of the deep state, to reveal the genius of Trump's tweet linking the Skirt Squad to Pelosi.

None of the Skirt Squad was elected, they were all selected, just like all of these other frauds.

Nancy Pelosi and every democrat is playing their snowflakes for the fools they are. The same BS is leading Republicans around, as 2020 has already been decided.  We are going to have the epic tanskin whiteskin battle of civilization. I have news for you, the whiteskins are allowed to think they won in the American Genocide, but the vermin do win in losing, because they will when the whites are in enclaves be exterminated too as the age of the robot appears in full force, and it will be force.

So once again, Nancy Pelosi knows Donald Trump is not a racist, but is part of a political plan which she is assisting Donald Trump with, because the powers that be have implemented this plan just as WGT revealed to the world.

I told you long ago that Chuck Schumer is more conservative than most republicans. Now I am telling you that Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump are working together.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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