Friday, July 5, 2019

The Cyber Monsters of Donald Trump

 Gerritt Lansing, President Donald Trump, Jared Kushner

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What troubles me about this expose of Donald John Trump's WinRed, is that the same stealing of American dreams on the left is engaged in by ActBlue, as both of these operations are designed to loot the last pennies of people on the right and left, by manipulating them, so the Hollywood and Industrial billionaires can use their money to bribe politicians, to control the police state to criminalize you.

I have a character defect, in there are things I will not prostitute. I will not pimp Christ for money. I would not use a Church to manipulate people to get what I want. I would never think of exploiting people in the sacred act of voting, and yet, that is what WinRed and ActBlue are.
These things are difficult for me to personally get the Spirit in me around in trying to understand this kind of exploitation of people, but then when I see one of the craftiest Jews in Sheldon Adelson, literally lied to and swindled in the 2018 elections, in he really thought that the Republicans were going to try to win the House, but all that was going to happen was Paul Ryan was setting it up, so Donald Trump's MAGA would not have to be taken up as Nancy Pelosi was but as the Wall in Washington, I realize that there are things in this even beyond what Sheldon Adelson would do.

This blog has been writing exclusive expose' in matter anti matter concerning this most nefarious and unAmerican of swindles in a money changer entity created out of the assembled pieces of the GOP by Jared Kushner, under the direct authority of Donald Trump. WinRed was named by Donald John Trump, as it as originally rolled out as Patriot Pass, but as it sounded too much like football, Mr. Trump renamed the venture to glean cash from the American poor as ActBlue does, because Sheldon Adelson was furious in his millions were wasted in 2018. Apparently Sheldon Adelson had no idea his cash was used in the money laundering operation where insiders  eat Obama lobster, while handing out money for "ads" on media, which is then used in part to hire "insider experts" to spin diversions on all of these hyped up stories to distract the public from the real overthrow of America.

All of this goes back to the same Missing Link burning question of Russiagate, and that is how did the named President of WinRed in Gerritt Lansing, appear with an ap at the Republican National Committee for e commerce named Revv, when he was not a computer programmer.
In sources, we know that Lansing admitted to funding and founding Revv, but we never have figured out what person created Revv, because that person had the program and did not need Lansing.

The players in this though assembled to brag n November 14th in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord. Katie Walsh was the person running funding at RNC and her husband, Mike Shields of England, who proposed to her at the Prime Minister's residence at 10 Downing Street, who was running the Congressional money campaign, was there, as much as Gerritt Lansing front and center, but in the C Span line up, no one knew who Lansing was in being one of the power brokers of 2016.

To refresh memories, Lansing began live in Illinois apparently, went to an obscure college, left college to milk goats and become Pan in Greece reading poetry. returned to college, graduated with a journalist degree, was such a bad interview, and such a poor performer that no one would hire him.
No one did, until for some reason the Heritage Foundation employed him to manage their blog.

Lansing stated this was a real opportunity which Heritage did not know the wealth it was. As you have never heard of it, it proves Lansing was worthless at that job too.
He was though moving up and writing, as his degree said he was a writer, and he began composing soulless stuff for the Daily Signal at Heritage as a feature's editor.

This Heritage employment is the first clue as to who had a hand in the rise of Gerritt Lansing, and that is because the Koch brothers the socialist libertarian #NeverTrumper's, bought the place. Heritage under the betrayers of Ronald Reagan began to reflect the liberal Aspen Institute of Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney in his patrician mormonism, and began the propaganda of what Big Koch desired to craft America into their form of work camp.

Whoever is really behind Gerritt Lansing, the first clue in this was his start with the propaganda wing of Big Koch.

The type of Koch propaganda though is lifeless even in a Ben Shapiro propaganda void. No one read it and no one reads it. It is a reflection on the Dinesh D'Souza type of sterile right wing which came and took, but never had to Reagan work for it.

The Koch brothers purchased great swathes of America. Ohio for example in the treacherous John Kasich of the mafia there. There never was anything clever about the ham fisted tactics of Big Koch, and those that somehow auditioned to become their pimps and whores, brought an amusing review from DailyKos, another soulless site, as they termed the Daily Signal on of the most stupid things ever written.

So you do not forget, this is the area of Gerritt Lansing, who was working hand and fist some how on his rise in 2016 in the Trump fringes with Trump's Social Media Director (Twitter Meister) Dan Scavino.

Just so you get this point, someone like me who is honest, works hard, has not been bought, has the doors slammed in my face all the time. Here we have Gerritt Lansing, who does not even have a degree in computers, heading Heritage's computer media, and out of nowhere he is working with Trump's caustic Molotov media czar who was creating Jew stars off of the fake "AltRight" media which was created expressly as the storm keyboard front in the run against Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.



We come to the transformational moment in this though as Big Koch was one of several computer data mining operations attempting to manipulate the right. Katie Walsh was managing the one at the RNC which was created. There was the Mercer Cambridge Analytica, and the Koch's i360 which was the real ball burner of all these programs as it would apparently  take a semen sample from the ovaries of your unborn child and tell you how the fetus would vote 20 years from now.

Sean Spicer, Trump's White House spokesman in 2014 was getting his rocks off on i360 and yet by 2016, the reality was i360 was passing by the wayside.

The Trump Koch shaky start soon though developed into a most interesting series of pay outs. Koch wanted to gain the cash cow  of the VA and Donald Trump handed it over.

Then there was amnesty with Jared Kushner, and the Koch brothers got Donald Trump to open the borders and deflect with a border wall, as foreign vermin poured in. Slave labor galore for the nazi conglomerates of Koch brothers.

It was a reality that Jared Kushner and the Koch brothers were suckling off the same nipple, as  who should appear for the letting criminals out of prison, but Jared Kushner and Big Koch.
The only four major accomplishments including Gary Kohn  tax breaks for billionaires were all Trump Trans accomplished, and all betrayed MAGA, but prospered the Koch brothers.

The fix was in, and while the senior White House staff could not believe that jared Kushner could get things passed with democrats, the reality is with Koch backing, Jared Kusher got everything he wanted, while Americans received nothing.

The Koch success might not be so surprising when a story was posted that Big Koch was now working with George Soros. The nation rapist that Donald Trump calls  "George" in David John Oates reverse speech, is now in league with the #NeverTrumper Kochs.

The Week

Greg Palast covered a great deal of this in sending out the warning flags when it came to the inner workings of Koch. While everyone was diverted by Robert Mercer's Cambridge Analytica of Ted Cruz fame, which accomplished nothing in voting manipulation of the masses, the real platforms were Koch's i360 and Karl Rove's DataTrust funded by Paul Singer.

That is what is interesting in this is connecting the dots in Koch succored Gerritt Lansing from being a goat boy to a player. Yet in this the Bush family in the CIA data base of PROMIS sorting data, was Data Trust run by Karl Rove and funded by fag billionaire  Paul Singer.
Singer was behind funding the Pissgate dossier at the start for Marco  Rubio who upon delivery would become Jeb's vice president.
Remember Data Trust, as it is important, because once Gerritt Lansing ended up in the White House, Data Trust would become the brains behind the money operation of Revv, under Jared Kushner.

That is important to note in this  mutant, as Lansing was  using RNC data banks to earn his million dollar skimming for collecting donations from you.  If you gave money to GOP politicians in 2016, that money in part ended up in Lansing's bank account and you purchased lobster for  elitists who hate you.

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