Friday, August 16, 2019

Hit That Jeffrey Epstein

I think for me the song is, the neck bone is 
connected to the blackmail bone....

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It is a pleasant thing to have myriads of people read an article which you have written. Most people only have an empty hand listening when they talk, but for me I have had the humbling experience of numbers of people now in the millions who have read the works posted here across the globe.

There was a great deal of interest in the murder of Jeffrey Epstein as everyone from the right, left, center and beyond knows that he was executed in federal custody.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

A Convenient Jeffrey Epstein Exit

What is either a gift for me of the inability of others to project out or to understand the forensic psychology of this, allows this blog to accomplish  what is not accomplished elsewhere ever, and that is to point realities out to each of you in providing realities that none of you comprehend, because most of you have never worked within the intelligence or security communities where your assignments were to protect or assassinate people.

It is established that Jeffrey Epstein was an extension of Mosaad who was using his pedophile framing services to leverage important people and nations to serve Jewry in Tel Aviv, and by the CIA, Washington DC.
Epstein is interesting though, as unlike Marc Rich, he had numbers of deals on the side. Marc Rich laundered money, but centered on laundering money from the powers that be, instead of engaging in massive side deals to skim billions, which is what Bill and Hillary Clinton were constantly laundering money over.
For Epstein, he used he framework of the Mosaad and CIA  framing operations to cut his own deals. As he was not sanctioned over this by the CIA or Mosaad in being killed, it appears there was a sign off in this, that Epstein could frame perverts and deviants in places of power, industry and finance, hand them over to the CIA or Mosaad to be exploited, but also use those porn recordings to blackmail millions of dollars out of these same rich people, for his "personal investment services".

It was a perfect cover as a sexual deviant can not run to the FBI over being blackmailed, and a sexual pervert can not report to Mosaad or the CIA that Epstein was blackmailing them, because they were blackmailing them too.

What Epstein did though, is not common. For that reason, he had cover, as the Mosaad katsa would say, "He had a horse in the game". Projecting this out in Victor Ostrovsky's memoirs in dealing with faggot Mosaad officers, it is a conclusion that Epstein provided services not to just blackmail British royals or Bill Clinton, but he had a private stock which he supplied to pedophiles and perverts who were the deep state.

In most cases, if you tried to set up and blackmail someone like Sheldon Adelson or the Kushner slum lords, you would end up dead, in prison or like Chris Christy, shoved out of Trumpshere. Epstein though did this rourtinely, and no one touched him, because he was protected. Protected until Donald Trump took office, and then the common thread of Trump and Kushner Jewry stared picking off these perverts from Harvey Weinstein to Jeffry Epstein.
Epstein had cover under Bush, Clinton and Obama, but when Trump appeared, the entire inner structure once again began rolling over on him, and this time, Epstein's horse was gone.
Now was this  cartel member dead? We do not know, but what is certain in this is there has been a house cleaning of lower type pedophiles who were sullying up the stock and the elite were putting an end to it.

The short of this is, like Andrew Breitbart, William Colby, Vince Foster, Shaundra Levy,  a hit was contracted for, and Jeffrey Epstein was dead.

What none of you have comprehended is, Epstein was in a federal prison. Andrew Breitbart was puffy pink on a street. William Colby was dumped into his canoe. Vince Foster was shot and the body moved. Shaundra Levy was "murdered" by a park perv. In all of the above the execution was one which everyone knew it was murder, but there was deniability to it. Like the DC Madam though, the people who hit Jeffrey Epstein wanted everyone to know he had been murdered. The people who hit Jeffrey Epstein wanted people looking at this. The people who hit Jeffrey Epstein wanted Attorney General William Barr humiliated, along with the DOJ, so there would be an investigation.
If you look at this, across the media, right and left, all CIA Mockingbird, there is a wave of whispering that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. People who did this want pressure put on and people looking at this.

  • Epstein's guards fell asleep while on duty and failed to check on him for three hours, which supposedly gave him time enough to hang himself. Simultaneously, the camera system failed to work. Oh, and he magically found some tools to hang himself -- in a maximum-security prison. And then there's the fact that his cellmate was removed from his cell, meaning that Epstein was all alone, which "violated the jail's procedures."

That is what is interesting in this. It is interesting that someone powerful enough to tell prison guards to stay away. People powerful enough to appoint a warden who would allow non recorded entries as a policy to be common would be in charge. People powerful enough to transfer prison guards and wardens, and no one at Justice challenged it or the people who stood down. People powerful enough to do all of this knew this Epstein murder would take place, they aided it, sent in a team accomplish it, and then set off all the red flags of turning off cameras. They wanted people looking at this, and they wanted to send a message to those prosecuting Jeffrey Epstein, that they could get away with murder under their protection.

Among the bones broken in Epstein’s neck was the hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam’s apple. Such breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensics experts and studies on the subject. But they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation, the experts said.

There are numbers of interesting facets in this, more than the above. A facet like the very group who were aware what Mosaad, the CIA and Epstein were engaged in for a decade in creating a blackmail list, benefited by crimes and using children as rape toys, just allowed Jeffrey Epstein to be murdered as an example and as a reminder to those who were being blackmailed, that there are still those files on them out there.

Damn is that camera on....

Oh yes the FBI obtained his files, they the CIA did J Edgar Hoover's files when he was put down, but Jeffrey Epstein's files are out there. He apparently did not have a fail safe as Julian Assange did, as he was trusting the Mosaad to keep him alive as much as the CIA, but those files are out there, so can you imagine this conversation happening this week.

I believe we have a mutual friend in Jeffrey Epstein. I am now the handler of those files for the agency. The message is the recordings are valuable if released in the investigation of his demise or continued to be concealed for your benefit. We will be in contact in our continued relationship.

 So it has settled out that whoever murdered Jeffrey Epstein, did it in such a way to make certain that everyone knew, as that is the value of this hit in it being public, so the mob knows, to the terror of those Jeffrey Epstein knew the perversions of.

What happens on pedo island stays on the pedo tapes.......

........and now the guy who covered up Vince Foster's murder, is putting the deep state shine on this one.


You're ready for your close up Mr. Pedo.

Just another season of miracles in the body on display in public, which does not happen and a photographer just happens to be there to provide the feature photo to keep the story alive.
But then Epstein looks like he beat himself up before he strangled himself.

 Who sent this message?

You know you want to hit that.