Thursday, April 22, 2021

Kamala Harris' Secret Biden Mission

You look like you could up those D cups to G cups for Uncle Joe's Strategic Reserves

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When the Lame Cherry broke the story of why Kamala Harris was absent from the engineered border crisis, in Pedo Joe Biden had dispatched her to California for breast enhancement surgery in a scheme to protect America's stockpile of silicon for silicon chips in war with China, it of course was revealing beyond what anyone could anticipate in Pentagon planning.

6 days ago — Kamala Harris Absent But On Duty ... with absolute trust, Kamala Harris with the security of the United States on the Mexican Mexican border.

The Lame Cherry is now confident in other breaking stories as the CIA, DIA, NSA and FBI with Bidencon has unleashed in the stimulus spending an entire multi billion dollar defense funding package to expand America's stockpile of silicon as other front groups will appear.
Of course our heroic Kamala will lead the main group of WHITE TITS MATTER. WTM is the backbone of this entire operation, and it designed to give Black women more ample White Breasts, which is the driving force in why Black men like Clarence Thomas suckle at the teat of Caucasian women. It is a known fact that Black women are just one size fits all and no surprises when it comes to areolas, and to democratize breasts, the pioneer Kamala Harris will anchor this different nipples for the Negroid female.

I have naturally done all I can to support intelligence assets as a true patriot.

Of course this is not to be racists as our favorite virgin, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, having survived ambushed by Zodiac Ted and Nancy the Ripper Pelosi on January 6th, will lead the CIA's TAN TITS MATTER.
In studies by the Pentagon war college, it has been discovered that most Latin women are quite capable of larger breast size, as AOC has proven in being small framed, she can carry a full load. According to the data, it is projected that the Hispanic invaders which Pedo Joe is helping into America, will be the pack mules for thee entire war effort against Russia and China, in these women will carry the silicon chip payloads for every fighter jet, drone, ship, tank, computer, including smart phones for selfies. This explains why Pedo Joe was in such a push to haul in millions of Latin women, as AOC was to lead the Tan Tits Matter branch of this war production of these invaders will house 10 million pounds of silicon.

Everyone is just green with envy over my bod.

Michelle or Michael Obama has been drafted into this necessary security provision in she will head the Ugly Tits Matter group. Some at the Pentagon wanted to put ass enhancement into Michelle Obama types, but it was discovered while the Afroid has ample room to carry enough, well they are the Saudi Arabia of silicon in the ass, but that is the problem in their asses already are the Saudi Arabia of ass fat, two zip code size deposits. With that not being possible, it was assessed that Ugly Tits Matter, alone would produce a stockpile for US space dominance to the Star Trek 23rd century.

Don't I just say Motorboatin' to Ya Girlfriend!

CIA operative, Ann Coulter of the Mockingbird will head Lezbo Tits Matter. Although it was deemed they would never be the motherload of silicon, there could be enough deposits accrued to keep children's toys functional.

Asian males must carry the load for non Asian males

Andrew Yang will head up the Man Tits Matter. MTM, not Mary Tyler Moore, will focus on two divisions in, incorporated inside of this will be Yellow Tits Matter, but this is a voluntary group and will not be mandated like the vax as the Asian is so slight, but they are numerous, it is was felt that even a C cup payload would be too heavy and cause back problems, so Mr. Yang will focus on men with implants to make up the loss in Asian women, who will be deemed more of a pleasant real time experience, as with nuclear bombs falling, people will be calmed by C cup Asian women, doing what Asian women do in, wearing little kimonos and serving tea, which is always calming, as their main objective in this BIdencon war effort.

So now you know the entire story of what Kamala Harris is up to as President. This is the age of White Tits Matter, Ugly Tits Matter, Man Tits Matter, Lezbo Tits Matter and Yellow Tits Mattter, as tits are where America will stockpile strategic supplies of silicon for chip production.

This is once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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