Thursday, November 15, 2012

Psyops Cherry Pitted Plant

Tiger Lily informs me after a grueling day that Lame Cherry is now a psyops plant......

A psychological operation is one in which a populace is introduced to a thought process in order to move that populace to a conclusion.

Example: Benjamin Franklin printing up fliers to print up money to convince the population to expand money supply.

Example: That Ugly Yank convincing South Vietnamese to vote for the American candidate.

It is no secret this blog runs psyops tests as it is an expert in forensic psychology. It is why in 2008 the major media went wild over body language communication after this blogger explained the liberals at the Denver convention correctly and CBS put out bogus information to counter the correct information posted here.

Psyops are designed to persuade on various triggers, based on primal facts, but not sound reasoning.

This popular girl attracts a great deal of attention by having a private conversation here. The problem being why is it in proven facts, why do the cartel lords and priests care so much what takes place here, if Lame Cherry is working for them?
Would I not be like Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh etc... in having no Chris Matthews problems with emails, veins in my eyes exploding, if I was one of them?

It is always an interesting study the "reaction" from the monkeys when they discover Lame Cherry in the weeds, in some scream loudly upon finding the blog using their limited views. Interesting in the new monkeys are posting this blog is Obamite, when this blog is the one which stopped Mr. Obama.

If one couches accusations in intelligence, then one fears their own intelligence.
If one couches their point in psychology, then one fears psychological manipulation.
If one couches their point in gender, then one fears that gender.

My children, I suppose I should not have told you that as now you will be reading Ulsterman and all the other posts about this popular girl in a new light, and now diagnosing for yourselves what psychosis the detractors are revealing.

Perhaps, you too are learning to be forensic psychologists and will see how this all operates beyond the always experts.

Interesting is it not, what eh, in Baby and the Plasmas are really focused on the women and the complaint this blog had about Obama in all his crimes as there were no women to make his scandals interesting.

See the dangerously powerful people operating behind the scenes do amuse themselves with this blog, and they do perform for me in thinking my ideas are their own. Yes Lame Cherry did assist in constructing the psychological dimensions of the Patraeus and Allen romp by manipulating the minds of the elite as that is where the amusement is.
There is no amusement in manipulating the monkeys as it is far too easy.

Lame Cherry
21 seconds ago – 3 hours ago – They took the Lame Cherry and brought in the girls. I told you Obama crimes have no women and why they are not interesting.

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 I would prefer someone accusing me of being a psychological operation conducted by God planted here in this weed patch to attempt to save my children from satan's demise plotted for them.

Never has been a secret what this blog is about. It fills in the gaps to entertain the children until Prophesy is so apparent it can not be denied.

I have a solution for the ants at my picnic. Donate to the blog 750,000 dollars, and if the Lord wills, I will go off with Tiger Lily away from all of this and leave you to Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and whatever other flavors who never manipulate you.

That sounds extremely fair in my being so knowing exactly where you reside, what you are doing right now and what your next thoughts will be.

Yes you are uncomfortable and in denial, questioning how I could know that, and you do not want to believe I have such power.

 America is finished. The remnant remains to be pulled down. Is it better to wait for the Obama time line or to progress it on your time line?
Answer the question my monkeys, tick tock, tick tock.

Nom de Deiu, if you can not quickly answer the obvious, then how can you discern the complexity of the Lame Cherry.

That is rhetorical my monkeys as now everyone is reading your posted thoughts analyzing just what is being revealed in them.

Last week I was accused of being Webster Tarpley.

Oh and for those interfering with this blog, if you had any God relevant sense, you would be afraid, as the demons and the minions are in monitoring what takes place here, as fear is what drives the attention. If what was here, did not matter, they would not attempt to hinder what takes place here.

Tools of satan come in uninspired forms. Those who know this blog are of God and those who do not are not of God.

agtG 307Y, God really does pay attention to all what is said.